Why the hair actually falls in the chemotherapy of

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Why the hair actually falls in the chemotherapy of ?

By drugs (cytostatics) especially cells are damaged, which have a high mitotic activity. Quickly and frequently dividing cells found in cancer tumors, but also in the mucous membranes, in the bone marrow and the hair roots. Because the drugs spread throughout the body, they act very strongly to all the mentioned areas.
Hair growth is interrupted and damaged the structure of hair. They are less stable and break more quickly or simply dissolve from its anchorage.
The hair loss begins in most cases 9 Days to four weeks after the first treatment, depending on diagnosis or means which is used. It is also possible, that the hair fall out immediately after treatment. In the medication, the hair is damaged. Either her hair loose in a slight pulling from the scalp or cancel, once the damaged areas get close to the skin surface.

The hair fall out more?

Hair loss is a common, but only a temporary side effect of chemotherapy. Preceding or parallel can also pain ( hair roots ) or a tingling sensation in the scalp occur. The hair must not turn out positively with each chemotherapy. Whether the head hair not, partially, complete, or eyelashes, fail eyebrows and body hair, depends on the following factors:

• drugs or. combination
• dosage
• Number of treatments
• Age
• Use of the cooling cover

Hair loss does not always occur, Therefore, talk to your doctor about all the expected side effects and check all the possible and desired by him prescribe a wig. KK services, we like to explain in our shop at a counseling session.

Hair grow again after?

to 4 – 6 Months you have another short haircut

What other side effects are to be expected?

In addition to the hair loss following side effects depend on the particular drug commonly encountered:

• anemia, Reduced immunity
• inflammation of the lining, bleeding
• nausea, Vomit, anorexia
• diarrhea, constipation
• Fatigue and exhaustion

Incidence and severity of these side effects are different.

What can be done about the side effects?

Against some of these side effects, such as nausea, Drugs can be used. Against hair loss, however, can be taken preventively using hypothermia or. the cold hood. It is essential to have previously advised by his doctor about the use of a cold hood, since it is connected with high risks.

The scalp is a cooling unit in “cap shape” (Temperature is about -15 ° C), which is applied to wet hair, undercooled during the administration of the drugs and so blood circulation and cellular metabolism greatly restricted. The aim of this measure, to prevent as much as possible, that the drugs enter the cells of the hair roots and damaging them. The hood is of 15 Minutes prior to 15 taken minutes after treatment and usually all 30 changed minutes.

Similar measures for the eyelashes, Eyebrows and if necessary also Finger- be carried out and toenails. These are not normally offered by the hospitals.

Nail polish can help to protect the nails. The day before or on the treatment days two layers containing silicon and not pearly two layers, Apply dark Negellack. Leave the nail polish during the treatment period. If the paint peels remove it with acetone-free nail polish remover and enter the four layers again.

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why the hair is actually falling in the chemotherapy of


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