Physician confidence in hair loss

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Loading...Trust the statement of your doctor and are possible before the beginning of hair loss

The diagnosis of cancer represents for all concerned is a major shock. It huddle countless questions: If the therapy strike? As the cancer affects the quality of life? Fortunately, many cancers can be treated very well today, the survival rates have increased greatly compared to the past.

Hair loss as a side effect of chemotherapy

In addition to surgery to remove a tumor, chemotherapy is one in many cases for the treatment of cancer to. It ensures, that the remaining cancer cells can not continue to multiply. However worthy chemotherapy is, it has nevertheless often very onerous side effects. This includes the hair loss. In the course of a chemotherapeutic treatment occurs in the majority of cases a complete loss of scalp hair.

The doctor explains to you

Your doctor clears you thoroughly about the upcoming cancer treatment and its consequences. He explains all side effects, that will occur most likely at a chemotherapeutic treatment. He will also inform you about, whether you are likely to lose your hair.

Do not panic - Wigs help you through the difficult period of chemotherapy

the idea, soon to stand with bald head, can be daunting. But there are two facts, the possibility to serve you as a consolation. Secondly, the hair will grow after the completion of chemotherapy in a few months back. Second, you get today quality wigs, the other people can hardly distinguish with the naked eye from real hair. With such a second hairstyle you cope with your cancer treatment, without that you are constantly exposed intrusive glances or curious questions.

I eher, the better - the selection of an appropriate wig

Dealing with the subject of hair loss is anything but pleasant. However, you should take care immediately after the explanation of this side effect to a wig. Well wigs comb offers you more expert help and support. We carry a large selection of Zweitfrisuren for ladies, Men and children. We also assist you in applying for reimbursement for the wig by your health insurance. Conclusion: Vertrauen Sie der Aussage Ihres Arztes und kommen Sie möglichst schon vor Beginn des Haarausfalls

By coming to us in time, thus creating the best conditions, a right type of wig to find. You do not have namely your original hairstyle, in which we can orient ourselves. Together we are looking for a suitable wig, sees your own hair of the color and cut her very similar. Of course, we cut wigs for you individually a, so that they fit perfectly.

Reassured and confident start chemotherapy

With a wig, the is available immediately, You must not be afraid of the induced by chemotherapy hair loss. After all, you are well prepared! It is even a good idea, to make short work at the onset of hair loss: Shave all scalp hair, and wear your wig now. Few people will notice the change, because the second hairstyles wigs Well comb look absolutely convincing.

Even after completion of therapy you makes your wig in the first time good services. It protects the sensitive scalp and hides the fluff while, have become to him from vigorous hair.

Trust the statement of your doctor and are possible even before the hair losss


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