Tips for hair replacement

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Good advice does not have to be expensive.

Tipps fuer Haarersatz
Tips for hair replacement

Hair replacement for chemotherapy – Who pays the wig?

If you is explained by your doctor, the will turn your hair in will soon be following chemotherapy is the supply of a wig of the first steps that should be done, if possible, before the start of treatment. You will be sure of your doctor / hospital prescribe a wig. Causes of hair loss can occur due to illness.

Statutory health insurance to pay the cost, depending on KK statutes or at least a grant between 120,- € 915,- €. It depends therefore on solely on the diagnosis. We like to check with their health insurance after, Up to what amount over the cost to you.
For privately insured applies: The selected contribution rate regulates the power.
Unfortunately, there is no clear rule narrowing in men with chemotherapy-related hair loss. But there are still some legal health insurance that finance them, in this case a wig – age-related hair loss is normal for men and illness and therefore in younger men short acceptable. In individual cases, only the clarification in the respective fund helps further here.
The subject synthetic hair wig or human hair wig wig are usually the first question when you come to us.

From the comfort of synthetic hair is indistinguishable from human hair. Tips for hair replacement

Many men and women now opt for, to hide the hair loss is not always and everywhere with a wig. towels, Hats and even paintings of the head are not only popular with young patients. “Topless” Although getting used to, at least in the private sphere but worth a try. In summer, a hairless skull should be well protected from the sun and skin are included in the normal body care. Tips are always good!
Most more grief downed eyebrows and eyelashes to the patient.
Here we have real hair eyelashes in business. draw eyebrows to be learned – All colors can we offer are tested on site.


The causes of hair loss can be due to age or due to illness caused. But follow chemotherapy may be responsible for hair loss. In no case should be ashamed or have to attack his self-esteem of it. Medical hair replacement and unobtrusive Wigs or toupees nowadays are virtually indistinguishable from human hair. Particularly medical hair replacement is for many questioned. A co-payment for insured health insurance is i.d.Regel possible and is Approved. Whether long hair or short hair, sporty or classic. For each request is to find a wig.

The wig should fit your needs. Hair replacement is an issue with the offenner for many should be handled. Our Wigs are known for their excellent quality and expressed by our motto "hair set so naturally can look like your own hair". In wigs Well comb from Dusseldorf you will find the right wig for you. Wigs from Dusseldorf to arise,represented a good reputation and a liturgy quality. A numerous selection of Wigs does not make the decision much more simple, but the probability to find the right wigs in nrw greater. The wig made of synthetic hair is considered to be particularly popular because of their use in terms of maintenance and White exterior. But the visual impression often makes the decision a wig made of synthetic hair. The wigs replace the old hairstyle significantly and offer in terms of quality and optical impression new standards.

Hair replacement for chemotherapy our tips Who pays the wig? We look forward to an appointment with you.
telephone contact , Email contact and address are at the Impressum

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Tips for hair replacement

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