Wig with chemotherapy

Wig with chemotherapy Chemotherapy leads depending on the composition of chemotherapy in many patients experience hair loss. For most people the hair loss is a big problem, which can be solved but with the right hair replacement. As a rule, it is for example in breast cancer about 10 Days after the first dose of chemotherapy hair loss. at

Wig with chemotherapy

Wig in chemotherapy wigs for chemotherapy with radiation therapy or with cytostatic gave usually necessary. Hair loss is one of the visible side effects of chemotherapy. These are equally felt by women and men to be very uncomfortable. By radiation therapy to the head usually head hair to fall out. This one may feel additionally uncomfortable and unattractive. We, Company

Well comb wigs on prescription

Wigs Dusseldorf is well comb, Partners of all statutory health insurance available on prescription and as a private care. Well comb hair replacement specialist for wigs in Dusseldorf sickness and hereditary hair loss.

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