Synthetic hair wig

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Synthetic hair wig

Gisela Mayer Synthetic Hair Wigs and hand-made set new standards in quality and naturalness

It is not so long ago, there were only wigs made of real hair precious than convincing Zweitfrisuren. Experts were of the opinion, that only wigs made from human hair have a really natural look. They were based on the principle, that particular real hair of European origin as a raw material for wigs, the absolute ultimate represented. However this kind of wigs is with a very high purchase price represents a great investment. Not every customer can not or will not afford a second such exquisite hairstyle. This is for example not the case, when patients completed a chemotherapy treatment. In general, the natural head of hair versa namely already shortly after cessation of therapy. For this reason, sufferers need only a few months a second hairstyle.

wigs Synthetic hair by Gisela Mayer - convincing natural look

Fortunately, times have changed: Today we recommend the exclusive wig models of Gisela Mayer made of synthetic hair. These hairs are characterized by a silky sheen and a soft feel. By a high-quality construction and strands of hair, that can be linked individually, this art hair fall as natural as your own hair. The hairline is worked so artfully, that it acts the same as in your previous hairstyle. In our well-known wig shop Well comb in Dusseldorf, we perform a wide variety of hand-knotted wigs of Gisela Mayer made of synthetic hair in all standard hair lengths. The second hair is available in curly or smooth version. The same size, the variety of hair colors presented, where you get the Art Hair Wigs Gisela Mayer. Whether you prefer bright natural colors or distinctive reds, You will find a second hairstyle, exactly suits your taste.

Easy care properties and durability

In addition to the convincing look of hand-knotted wigs of Gisela Mayer this Zweitfrisuren have other benefits. They can maintain with very little effort. Occasional washing with a special shampoo is sufficient. In addition, this wig models are characterized by a significantly longer shelf life than other synthetic hair- Zweitfrisuren from. See for yourself the quality of the hand-woven synthetic hair hairstyles of Gisela Mayer during a visit to our Düsseldorf wig shop!

Gisela Mayer synthetic hair wig with corrugated ridge Wigs Düsseldorf – synthetic hair wigs


Gisela Mayer Human Hair Wig

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