Specialists for medical hair replacement Dusseldorf

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Specialists for medical hair replacement Dusseldorf

With great empathy and passion we will be in the selection and all formalities around the hair replacement to the side. As a specialist in medical hair replacement we know the problems, if your own hair is lost. We know how hard it is, to deal with the loss of one's hair and making sure, that you again feel comfortable with a new wig. You are in good hands with us, because we advise you with great competence and much expertise, when it comes to finding the right hair replacement. Take advantage of all our experience, our knowledge and expertise, damit auch Sie schnell wieder zu neuer Lebensfreude und neuem Lebensmut zurückfinden. Specialists for medical hair replacement DusseldorfSpecialists for medical hair replacement Dusseldorf

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to help them regain new vitality and a healthy self-esteem back is our goal. We want, that people, who lose their hair due to medical reasons, back quickly find a comfortable and normal life, as they knew it before the illness. The diagnosis of cancer modified by another on the day it all. The uncertainty and fear for their own lives are hard enough to endure. Then, when even the hair fall out by chemotherapy, nothing is as it was.

The uncertainty we can not take you, but with our high quality hair replacement can be found quickly and with new vitality back into a life, as before. Find high-quality wigs are virtually indistinguishable from natural hair. No one will notice, that you wear a hair replacement. We make sure, that you can participate in social life with a new self-confidence and high self-confidence and with your hair replacement again as attractive place as before hair loss. Specialists for medical hair replacement Dusseldorf.

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Quality is the key to success - that is our motto, when it comes to hair replacement. Therefore we only wigs of the highest quality. The quality of hair replacement is reflected not only in the quality of the material and its processing. For us in particular is also the comfort of great importance. We know the fears of our customers and show you, as the wig completely safe keeping and is hardly recognized by others as a second hair. Modern and high quality wigs are made so, that they are almost indistinguishable from naturally grown hair. Our wigs are made of real- manufactured or synthetic hair and are all characterized by a very natural look of. With a wig wigs Well comb you in no time a new and chic hairstyle, the their type corresponds and makes you look stylish and always maintained.


We would like, that you'll find after the hair loss for medical reasons quickly new vitality and new vitality. Therefore, it is important to us, You as comprehensively and sensitively as possible to advise on the subject of hair replacement and supervise. Therefore, our service includes not only a detailed type- and hairstyle advice. We therefore happy to explain the different material properties and manufacturing processes of our wigs and advise you in detail for comfort. Specialists for medical hair replacement Dusseldorf.

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On the loss of your own hair for medical reasons, you are entitled to benefits your health insurance. All you need is a prescription doctor or hospital providing treatment. What are the benefits your health insurance, clarify course we have for you. With us you have to worry about the paperwork with your insurance does not have to worry, because for us it is a matter of course, that all formalities with the health insurance part of a comprehensive service.

We take time for you and plan for an initial consultation at least 30 to 90 minutes. So you can ask us at rest any question about the hair replacement. Our years of experience and expertise guarantee, that there is no question remains open.

It is always worth, as early as possible to deal with the topic of hair replacement, because the loss of hair not only reduces the quality of life, but also gnawing away at self-esteem. We therefore advise you even before the start of chemotherapy. Just make an appointment for an initial consultation. We are happy to visit you in the hospital directly and advise you in time for the hair loss. In urgent cases, we are always available for you with our 24-hour emergency number, because we know, how difficult it is to find your way with hair loss for medical reasons, to a high quality hair replacement brings back into balance life.

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