Difference in quality art or real hair

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recognize difference in quality of art or real hair

Can the Quality difference between art and real hair At first glance, already see?

Qualitätsunterschied von Kunst und Echthaar erkennen
recognize quality difference between art and real hair

If you buy a second hair hairdo wig shop Well comb in Dusseldorf, You have the choice between real- and synthetic hair. Basically make wigs made of real hair quality models are, but not necessarily just because they have a longer shelf life. These have the same characteristics as your own hair on. They can be washed at will, frisieren, color and style in a different way. This is limited in artificial hair possible. Nevertheless wigs can benefit from synthetic hair are a good acquisition. This is due in particular to their low price because human hair is usually twice as expensive as artificial hair.

The visual differences of wigs art- and real hair

Today you get exclusive wigs made from synthetic hair, which can hardly be distinguished under normal lighting conditions of real hair. This is especially true of handmade models, where the hairline is particularly true. Modern synthetic hair have a similar beautiful shine and a pleasant feel like real hair. –> recognize quality difference between art and real hair….

However, wigs behavior of synthetic hair in some situations different than versions in human hair. Artificial hair is not able, hold water. That's why you should protect yourself if possible always before a rainstorm. Zweitfrisuren of real hair sit just like your original hairstyle. If a gust of wind in your hair goes, they move perfectly natural. This is for models made of synthetic hair is not always the case. but these usually have a lower weight and blow away because of this more easily what may look at high-priced synthetic hair wigs very naha the real hair. Moreover, it may in artificial hair come to static charges due to their synthetic material easily: This is for example the case, if you suffer from a sweater with a high proportion of synthetic fibers- or off. The hair of your wig charge themselves then and are unnaturally from. You will be therefore before buying that explains all this good advice.

The best choice: Wigs made from European human hair

With an exclusive second hairstyle, the hand-knotted was made from European human hair, they are the best possible advice. This wig looks absolutely natural and convinces with its long shelf life. If you want to invest a little less, We recommend hand-knotted Zweitfrisuren from Asian hair. This you can handle before making a purchase or try with us.

Quality difference between art and human hair seen at Well comb Dusseldorf


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