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The right outfit and care

A human hair wig is e.g.. just no luxury wig how the customer the most presenting with poor gear.

Buy Human Hair Wigs
buy human hair wig

Whether hand-knotted or braid (machinery goods) makes the difference because the comfort is the first try almost more important than the quality of hair.
In the long term Hairless, as it is I think better anyway for Handattached to Decide. Sure, there is always a price issue.

Do you love to my studio (Please do not on the phone) to find out about the price of our wigs to Inform. buy human hair wig.
Most often, the hair volume (the knotted hair volume) to set too many and should not rather be too luxuriant. It is therefore important that you get if possible even with your own hair for consultation. Real hair wigs maximum precut usually come as a blank for Perückenstudio.

We will gladly take included the cutting of your human hair wig in our shop in 40476 Düsseldorf.

Real Hair Care

We recommend you, Your real hair wig as with synthetic hair most all 2 to 2,5 to wash weeks. Often it's not the dirt that makes me come to these statements. Rather, this is the individual skin cells which becomes lodged in the wig and the wig wearer to 2 Week sit up leaves this to clean. Take your home exclusively by us Recommended detergents for your human hair wig. Only use a special comb for your human hair wig.

Hairspray Human Hair Wigs

Auch hier gibt es spezielle Sprays die weniger bis keine Harze beinhalten und so wird Ihnen auch kein weißer Film auf dem Haar plagen. Viele dieser genannten Produkte gibt es auch bei uns im Perückenstudio Well comb to buy in Dusseldorf Bilk.

Real hair wigs you can color

The often asked question: Can I use my real hair and dyeing itself? Basically, you can answer this question with Yes. The hair of your wig 100% but real hair, you can just prefer can be dyed. Because usually the color looks in the end a bit different than you had imagined it. Contact for best to a professional or in the wig shop. The hair quality may vary. Let yourself to Consult.

Belle Madame human hair wig – Quality features a wig – Care Tips for wigs – Wigs types of processing –

buy human hair wig

real hair wig Dusseldorf

-Tips for patients – Good advice does not have to be expensive – Belle Madame synthetic hair wigs – buy human hair wig