Radiation breast cancer breast cancer

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Radiation breast cancer breast cancer

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Some important information is very well explained in the following film and earn a place on our website for approximately every 10. Woman suffering in their lives on a breast cancer.
Although rare, Breast Cancer can also occur in men. Radiation breast cancer breast cancer.
In addition to surgery, Hormone therapy and chemotherapy, most patients receive breast irradiation.

Important: Viele Fragen die sich Ihnen stellen entstehen erst bei dem Eigentlichen Gespräch mit Ihrem Arzt. Schauen Sie sich beide Videos BITTE an um dann Ihre Fragen parat zu haben.

radiotherapy, Treatment planning, therapy procedure:

Radiation breast cancer breast cancer

So this irradiation works:

Strahlentherapie Brustkrebs Mammakarzinom
Radiation breast cancer breast cancer

Possible treatment-related side effects

Radiation therapy to the chest is well tolerated and impaired ( the statement also many patients with us ) not the general condition.
but the most common side effect is skin reaction, may cause the temporarily different depending on skin type degrees of erythema.
An accompanying local care with lotions and ointments during and after radiotherapy series mitigates these reactions.

Radiation breast cancer breast cancer


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