Quality features a wig

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Loading...Quality features a wig informed by SECOND HAIR SPECIALISTS Dusseldorf

What to consider when buying a wig?

The following items customers want and make a natural-looking wig:

flat end approaches, correspond to the natural direction of hair growth
sparse hair at the hairline is a must
therefore always check natural shine through the correct skin care products from the specialist
Proper and regular cleaning and care we like to do for you
natural-looking approaches are like your own hair

Quality features a wig
natural hair volume, d.h. according to the type and volume of hair of the wearer which can be customized by Studio
natural hair color with and without hairline

Service Hair replacement specialists in Dusseldorf overview

expert, right type of hairstyle advice to take up with us 2 hours
Resizing of the wig for a perfect fit
Customization by haircut if necessary
Specialist care-free service of your wig
How to properly use and Care of your second hairstyle
or support before you buy. after the purchase

our advice

Take advantage of the advice and service of hair replacement specialists. These contribute significantly, that you get a natural-looking second hairstyle, where you can have as long joy.

Quality features a wig

Doctor prescribes wig with chemotherapy


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