Psycho-oncology interdisciplinary form of psychotherapy

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Psychoonkologie, is an interdisciplinary form of psychotherapy or clinical psychology.
The psycho-oncology deals with the psychological and social conditions including social security,
consequences and side effects of cancer.

The role of the Psychoonkologen:
In practical Betreuungs- or therapy context it is for the psycho-oncologists,
the patients in the disease process by means of different techniques, for example, by crisis intervention,
resource-based intervention or imaginative method, to support.
also the personal social environment of the person concerned integrated - here is - as far as possible.
A psycho-oncological care should be ensured at all stages of the disease.

The following is an excerpt of the University Hospital Dusseldorf on:

>>>>Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy.

What is on offer?

  • Relief in acute crisis situations
  • Assistance in dealing with the cancer
  • With methods for relaxation and stabilization
  • Family counseling, especially aids for children
  • outpatient group offers and psychooncological Psychotherapy
  • Relay further help, such as self-help groups, Social Counseling and Psychotherapy

Who can be treated?

The offers of Psychoonkologie – Betreunung Dusseldorf are available for all patients, and their Angehörgen open, which are located for cancer in current treatment at the University Hospital Dusseldorf.

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Psycho-oncology medicine and psychotherapy


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