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Loading...Emergency service for wigs Dusseldorf because we do not let you down!

Notdienst für Perücken Düsseldorf
Emergency service for wigs Dusseldorf

First contact – Information – emergency service

Alopezie, such as hair loss is medically termed, often occurs rapidly, often unexpectedly as a result at a chemotherapy. Emergency service for wigs Dusseldorf. the administered Cytostatics damage various body cells. This can also be the hair root cells weaken so, that the head- and body emanating. However, it is very difficult in many cases, predictably, whether the patient will be affected by hair loss or not or. when it will be safe to say when it then begins to grow.

caused by chemotherapy Alopezie So occurs suddenly. For this reason it can happen, that you will be overwhelmed by the loss of your head hair - luckily there are exactly what our emergency service for wigs. We are at your disposal in this difficult situation aside and ensure, that you get a second hairstyle quickly.

Wigs On Demand

We are Tuesday – Friday from 10 – 14 Am and at agreed times for you in business to reach and advise you comprehensively. Our range of ladies wigs offers models in many hair lengths and colors, so that certainly is a second haircut here, that perfectly fits your type and is in stock.

besides the detailed and discreet consulting Our service also includes customizing and styling or cutting the wig. So you can occur within a short time with a full head of hair and feel safe in all professional or personal situations. In addition, we support you, to apply for grants for the purchase of the wig with your health insurance.

Well comb More reachable

In our experience, patients come, need chemotherapy, best with the possible consequences of treatment rightly, if you deal with the issue early hair loss. Make a note of our contact details and browse through the wide range of deceptively real looking wigs, we show on our website saved as PDF catalogs. Discover determines a ladies- or Herrenperücke, who are also excellent.

Im emergency Feel free to give us a call, we will help you quickly and reliably.

Wigs shop Dusseldorf Well comb
Friedrichstraße 138
40217 Düsseldorf

Tel. 0211 487278

Emergency wigs Dusseldorf


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