Wigs types of processing

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Wigs types of processing

and you start at the outfit
The basis of a good wig is the outfit.

As Wigs regalia is that portion, where the hair is attached.
Below we show the different methods of processing.
But the outfit it depends also be reached from which can look.
but the wigs gear is also crucial to affect the wearing a wig.

Wigs and the Different types of processing:

» Braided
The tress wig created by the adjacent sewing many braids. Weft are cotton tapes, to which the hair is sewn by machine

Wigs types of processing

» Monofilament
The part monofilament wig is characterized by a portion (mostly at the crown), looks like human scalp. Through this mono part of the hair is individually hand

» 100% hand knotted
The completely hand-made wig is usually made of a fine tulle or similar fabric, be through which the hair pulled individually and knotted.

» Film approach Wig
There are wigs made of high quality monofilament fabric, additionally have a special outer edge, the film approach called.
This film approach provides a great deal naturalness.

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