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Prescription for a wig
Prescription for a wig


In disease-related hair loss will award a grant Your Statutory health insurance in Dusseldorf. but for that you need a prescription. This recipe you bring to wigs in Dusseldorf because we take care of the settlement with your insurance. For a specialist, competent, we will explain the procedure for buying a wig sickness and will have access to all sorts of questions as it will go smoothly for you.

The settlement with the insurance company in Dusseldorf

The hair replacement is as varied as the statutory health insurance, the relief for you support this also Monitär. There is a maximum payout hence the hair replacement can not always be completely taken over as the price of a wig can move between 200 – 2400 move €. So a possible share you have to take yourself. Real hair wigs are generally more expensive than synthetic hair wigs. Prescription for a wig in Dusseldorf. We as a wig specialist studio will be very happy for what is directly during our counseling session with your health insurance Clarify these strips. With this information, you could be immediately 100 % opt for a select Wig.

What pays the health insurance?

We have provided a list online, which is pre-specify you as a guide what pays the cash register and compiled for the first contact data:

List German health insurance incl. contact details

essential for the accounting of the health insurance I need a prescription?
Very clear answer: And – You need a prescription from your doctor or clinic.
So we can only with a prescription from the doctor for a grant of approximately 150 Euro up to ca 900 Euro depending on the health insurance apply statute for you and charge with the price of your wig.

For human hair wigs, it is slightly different because here you have to pay for any applicable difference in price itself. The only exception with stand 05/2017 is any existing demonstrable allergy mainly on synthetic hair. The gestation period as the cash call a particular time is in most cases with synthetic hair 6 months or 1 Year and in human hair 1 – 2 Years again depending on the health insurance differently.

Unfortunately, the public health insurance differs still between female and male patients respectively. applicants. A hair loss from which diagnosed also existed always special in women often causes psychological stress out. The grant is usually granted at least in women immediately. Men, however, are often rejected in the first instance on the grounds "A bald men was Presentable and will be accepted by the society". The support does not apply to hereditary hair loss sometimes just equal to 100% which in turn is not the case for women. A positive diagnosis in women for support by the statutory health insurance to a wig is, for example, Alopezia Areata, Alopecia totalis or an inevitable chemotherapy.

buy prescription – Prescription for a wig in Dusseldorf is a known address in NRW and should be further away when it comes, or to look at wigs recipe once before. try and then to get a perfect advice because only then you can buy from conviction. In For more information about the Prescription for a wig and how you or. we can continue to work for you.


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