Polyneuropathy side effect

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Chemotherapeutic treatment has often onerous side effects. This includes the polyneuropathy: It is manifested in very unpleasant tingling in the hands and feet. In addition, often also occur an intense burning, Numbness and muscle weakness. Numerous sufferers lose the feeling in their hands and feet. This causes a strong motor limitation. Patients are unsafe when walking and have difficulty, perform fine motor tasks with their hands. The spectrum of symptoms ranging from mild sensation disorders to paralysis. Many patients affected by polyneuropathy in Dusseldorf report a typical spread of symptoms. It runs in the hands of "glove-like" and "sock-like" in the feet. In general, the polyneuropathic impairment after the end of chemotherapy sound gradually decreases again. In some cases, patients suffer even years later under these side effects.

The causes of neuropathy as a side effect to chemotherapy

Chemotherapeutic drugs solve the polyneuropathic side effects, by destroying various components of the nervous. The drugs attack all the nerve cells just like they insulating and protective shell. In addition, the chemotherapy drugs interfere with the metabolism and the exchange of information between the nerves and the surrounding tissues. Certain pre-existing conditions increase the likelihood, that it comes during chemotherapy to polyneuropathy. In particular diabetes mellitus type 1 and 2 and kidney diseases should be mentioned in this context. In addition, older patients often suffer from neuropathy than younger. From the age of about 75 Years, the nervous system is considered vulnerable.

Treatment of polyneuropathy in Dusseldorf

Chemotherapy for cancer means- and other patient is always a difficult time. To make it easier to endure the treatment, can be prevented the occurrence of polyneuropathy or at least limited. Often this is enough, reduce the dosage of the drug easily. Through this measure, however, only a doctor can decide. He weighs it the benefit or the chances of recovery, as well as the burden of polyneuropathy carefully against each other. To reduce the discomfort caused by polyneuropathy, Alcohol consumption should be given if greatly reduced or stopped completely. It is scientifically proven, alcohol that strongly favors the occurrence of polyneuropathy. It is also important, avoid that victims falls. These occur due to the related polyneuropathy unsteadiness on heaped. To do wear sturdy shoes, gives sufficient hold their feet. If necessary, the use of a walker makes sense.

Polyneuropathy side effect

The medical and physiotherapy treatment of polyneuropathy side effect in Dusseldorf

Unfortunately, at present there are no specific medications, help against polyneuropathy. Various active ingredients in drugs, used against other diseases, bring but even with this nerve disease relief. These include anti-depressants, various opioids and means to treat seizures. Also analgesic ointments, Creams and gels hand directly concerned to the- are to be applied and foot regions, develop an action schmerzverringernde. also Physio- and electrotherapy come in polyneuropathy often used. Targeted physiotherapy exercises can help, to maintain flexibility of hands and feet. The same effect has the electromagnetic stimulation of the affected body regions.

New research

Japanese studies provided recently very interesting findings: The targeted use of refrigeration, the occurrence of these nerve disease can curb. Researchers report about an experiment, attracted to the patient during the administration of chemotherapeutic drugs frozen socks and gloves. This measure led to a strong reduction in the number of patients, the then complained of pain polyneuropathic. The scientists suspect, that the chemotherapeutic agents could not get into the vulnerable areas of the body. Perhaps in the future the polyneuropathy can be treated in Dusseldorf in this way.

Hand-foot syndrome in chemotherapy


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