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Perücken bei Chemotherapie werden bei einer Strahlentherapie oder bei Zytostatika gaben meist notwendig.

Haarausfall zählt zu den visible side effects of chemotherapy and be equally felt by women and men to be very uncomfortable.
By radiation therapy to the head usually head hair to fall out, characterized feels uncomfortable and unattractive in addition. Wigs for chemotherapy
We, Well wigs comb Dusseldorf, are specialized,
offer high-quality wigs for patients from the oncology and cosmetic customers.
Wigs are necessary in the short term chemotherapy often. ( emergencies )
Only when the hair really turn out, Wigs are used.
Let your doctor a prescription ( regulation ) for a wig for exhibit

Insurance companies pay part or the entire cost of wigs for chemotherapy.

Fast delivery thanks wig selection in business or. Express order is possible:

We sell high quality Wigs in Dusseldorf.
Wigs for oncology patients put a special advance knowledge and therefore we specialize
and know all about the related needs.
Simply sign up by phone with us, if you need a wig during chemotherapy.
They should be able to feel comfortable, with a wig of the company Well comb.
We always keep a wide selection for you.
Just come again to us, and see for yourself, what we can offer you everything in the area wigs.

Your Jörg Wegner-Köhler

Perückengeschäft Düsseldorf Wellkamm
Friedrichstr. 138
40217 Düsseldorf
Tel. 0211487278
Not: 0176 10090640


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