Wigs by prescription in Dusseldorf

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Attractive wigs and Zweitfrisuren

We offer a wide selection of wigs on prescription in Dusseldorf. Modern wigs and Zweitfrisuren in the form of natural human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs.

Perücken auf Rezept in Düsseldorf

We customize each model individually, so your wig sits perfectly and is the best for you. The result is convincing as excellent fitting and deceptively real looking second hairstyle.

To this end, we cut one of our wigs, to achieve a perfect appearance.

On our website we will show you only a small part of our diverse range of wigs and Zweitfrisuren. We offer in our shop a huge number of products of this renowned manufacturer:

• Gisela Mayer
• By Hair
• Ellen Wille

You have the choice between models of easy-care synthetic hair and durable human hair.
As a recognized cash supplier, we take in a medical indication settlement with your insurance. All patients, treated with chemotherapy, can take our emergency program to complete. We help in an emergency quickly and efficiently with hair loss.

In no time a new look

Do you dream, look quite different once, without having to have a lot of time and money to invest at the hairdresser? Do you want to express through a change of hair color your personality in a completely new and fascinating way? With a wig you can implement this project without risk and tedious coloring your hair. The same applies to elaborate hairstyles, as they carry the big stars.

Easier and faster than with a handy second hairstyle you can not change your type! A wig you also doing an excellent service, if it has to go fast once or does not want to sit your hairstyle to a so-called "Bad Hair Day". Simply put your second hairstyle on and immediately see perfectly coiffed from. We then record wigs ready, excite you with their superior quality and attractive appearance.

Schedule an appointment, to consult with us for free and without obligation on second hairstyle. Of course, you enjoy it a high degree of discretion and privacy. We are looking forward to it, to welcome you to our wig shop in Dusseldorf.

Tel. 0211 487278 Di - Fr von 10 – 14 reachable
Emergency service all other times, the same number

Wigs by prescription in Dusseldorf

Wigs for cancer patients


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