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Wigs Dusseldorf you bet on proven quality

– live carefree as possible with alopecia

Alopecia is the medical term for hair loss. The loss of head- or body hair can occur in people of both sexes at any age. Even children and young people are already affected by Alopecia.

In the course of chemotherapy, it is very common to hair loss. The aggressive drugs, so-called cytostatics, act against the most active cells. Since the hair roots belong to this cell type, patients lose their head hair in many cases completely. Hormonally induced hair loss is not a serious disease. Women in menopause, but men with genetic predisposition must determine, that their scalp hair thins. The hair is getting thinner, the hairline withdraws or there are bald patches. Wigs Dusseldorf you bet on proven quality.

Hormonally induced hair loss in women appears regularly in peak near. It can be corrected through clever styling at best, in the initial phase. But even a gust of wind or a careless movement sufficient, the bald spot expose. Hormonally induced hair loss is irreversible in most cases. But with our brand wigs you meet this challenge and enjoy their daily lives after a short adjustment period just as carefree as before. Wigs Dusseldorf you rely on proven quality synthetic hair wigs as well as real-hair wigs

Moreover, even Alopecia Areata, an autoimmune disease, cause hair loss. This typically occurs in a circular form, but can also extend over the entire scalp. Experts note, that the environment alopecia only perceives, if at least half of the original hair has disappeared.

Are you or a member of alopecia affected? Then you should not let it, that the subject of hair loss is a burden in all areas of life. Just, if you are diagnosed with cancer, You need all the strength and positive attitude, get through your chemotherapy. Also hormonally induced hair loss should leave you in no case the joy of living. The same applies to Alopecia Areata to. Wigs are a solution to this problem, the back allows you the full and unencumbered participation in social life. Our human hair wigs from Dusseldorf to help you, to move safely and with confidence in the company.

The superior optics and the high comfort characterize our wig models as genuine brand products. They prove to be extremely durable and long lasting than, even with daily wear. For these reasons, they always represent an excellent acquisition. Wigs Dusseldorf you bet on proven quality.

Early advice pays off

patients, which is facing a chemotherapy, call frequently before the start of their treatment of us. Real hair wigs from Dusseldorf ensure, that you have a proper and right type wig on hand, as you need them. Doctors inform their patients, if they are likely in the course of chemotherapy with hair loss. But there are also cases of doubt, in which the probability of alopecia can not be accurately predicted. If you take our advice service claim, Do not take any risks. Do not you come to the embarrassment, having to select a wig under time pressure.

Instead, sit down calmly addressed this issue. In addition, early wig adaptation has another big advantage: See our advisors, as your natural hair fall and can take them into account when selecting and customizing wigs. Wigs Dusseldorf you bet on proven quality

Also hormonally induced hair loss in the early stages can often be far-reaching forecasts. Frequently it is clear, that the scalp of the person concerned will show visible bald patches in the foreseeable future. Who in time an exclusive wig At length, avoids, that his surroundings at all noticed the Alopecia. In this way you can save yourself prying eyes and inquisitive questions from the start. So you save your nerves and effectively prevent adverse effects of your mental well-being. Our wig specialists are happy, adapt models at even existing scalp hair. then wear when trying on a so-called Wig Cap above her own hair. Take your wig home and then enjoy the good feeling, to be perfectly prepared for hair loss. Wigs Dusseldorf you bet on proven quality.

Real hair wigs Dusseldorf - convincing choice

We carry a variety of ladies- and men's wigs. In addition, we even offer real-hair wigs for children in Dusseldorf. Especially small patient, bravely undergo chemotherapy, feel very unhappy, if you run out of hair. Our child-friendly wigs give you the feeling, to belong again to at school and at play. We know, what great significance the perfect fit and support a wig in this particular customer group. Our quality wigs do not slip even with sudden and violent movements with the head. Children can even jump safely with real hair wigs and bounce. So our second hairstyles allow girls and boys, to forget their chemotherapy in romping with the same age playmates for a few hours.

In our diverse range of real-hair wigs in Dusseldorf our customers find models in all hair lengths and colors. You have a choice of wigs, similar to your hairstyle before chemotherapy and other attractive models. Our range for women, for example, includes attractive Pixie Cuts with hair in matchstick length. These wigs allow almost not bemerkenden transition to your natural hair. If your head hair after the end of your chemotherapy has reached two to three centimeters in length, let the wig just go away. Of course, getting women, who value a neat appearance, and wigs as Bobfrisur or long hair.

soft waves, small, adorable jumping up curls or straight hair with a silky sheen available to choose. The color palette leaves no wish unfulfilled: They range from natural tones, such as ash blonde or hazelnut, to wigs in fancy color. Apartment highlights in a lighter shade create amazing light reflexes in your hair and look particularly natural.


Real hair wigs Dusseldorf - rely on proven quality

We recommend that all men and women, who are affected by alopecia, exercise advice in our consultancy Studio for human hair wigs in Dusseldorf: Here you support well-trained and experienced staff when choosing a wig, the ideal individual to your type fits. With us you get only real hair wigs in Dusseldorf, You can rely fully in every way and in all life on their quality. See our wig models and have the feel of natural hair. This is no accident, but the result of the exclusive use of real hair and highest precision in the manufacture of wigs.

Hormonally induced hair loss and alopecia due to chemotherapy give many victims just like Alopecia Areata, to be defenseless feel without their natural head of hair. With our real-hair wigs from Dusseldorf to overcome this impairment: The wigs made of real hair are tightly linked and convey the look and feel of a natural hairstyle. Wigs Dusseldorf you bet on proven quality.

The superior quality of the knotting is particularly evident at the hairline.

Our wigs allow easily, you comb her hair out of her face. Women tie your long hair wigs to a smart ponytail or fix the hair on the back of the head in the form of ornate high yield hairstyles. Men wear their hair very whim times with a side parting, times with an agent log or complete without sharing. Either way you comb your hair Second, in human hair wigs from Dusseldorf the gear remains, on which the individual hair strands are attached, invisible.

If you want to look top coiffed, do not give up with compromises satisfied. ensure quality human hair wigs Dusseldorf, that you have many years of enjoyment to your second hairstyle with good care. Unlike synthetic hair wigs, their shelf life is limited, can be exclusive models made of real hair wearing almost unlimited. For this reason, hormonally induced hair loss is a cause, to choose one of these high-quality wigs. Because in particular, no new hair will grow back normally in men by.

All ladies- and men's wigs delight you with its comfort: You feel light and push never. In addition, their high-quality materials and its sophisticated design ensure, that always comes sufficient air to the scalp. For this reason, you do not get even on very hot days sweat.

In addition, you can maintain your human hair wigs from Dusseldorf like natural hair. Brush and comb your hair replacement hair style simple in form. The washing with a conventional shampoo is as uncomplicated as possible the coloring of individual strands or all of the hair. You can also blow-dry your hair replacement hair in shape or even use the curling iron.

Courteous, fast and efficient - consulting for real-hair wigs from Dusseldorf

A good wig you should have high expectations. eventually you wear your hair replacement hair day, if you complete a chemotherapy and losing your head hair. A wig will accompany you, to hide sent, completely or partially bald scalp, a cause that hormonally induced hair loss or alopecia areata. Our consultants tell you in a confidential interview, on what criteria it when choosing a wig arrives. It is important, that while enjoying absolute discretion. Only if you feel well cared for and understood, the consulting result is optimal. Wigs Dusseldorf you bet on proven quality.

Therefore are in our wig shop in Dusseldorf cabins for you. There you can be informed in a relaxed atmosphere in detail about all aspects of the wig selection and maintenance. Try together different wig models, to figure out, which second hairstyle suits you best. Here you one of our consultants also shows equal, how easy the placement works. With practice you manage this in a jiffy. They consider themselves from all sides in the mirror and wear your hair replacement hair combed differently.

We take time for you and encourage you, to decide in peace for a wig. Our customers the first touchdown positively surprised to, how perfect the wig shape of her head adapts. It also does not slip and is always in the right position to sit. Most people is the idea, to wear a wig, much more sympathetic, as soon as they touch the silky human hair. It feels as natural and soft as your own hair. Did you find what you desire Wig, we adjust precisely to. This includes the cutting. So it is necessary, for example,, to cut the fringe to the optimum for your forehead length.

We also assist in the care of your wig

If desired, you can post in our shop your second hair hairstyle easy. We wash and maintain the real hair carefully and thoroughly. After a while you get the hair replacement hair off again. If you want to wear a different look once, cut our wig professionals your hair replacement hair differently to. Even complicated updos for special occasions manufacture our hairstylists from their wigs. Wigs Dusseldorf you bet on proven quality

tip: It is an excellent idea, the identical wig zuzulegen in duplicate. Then you may encounter with your usual hairstyle during the cleaning of a model. You should also keep in mind, that the investment pays off: Regularly professionally groomed hair wigs have a very long life. Real hair wigs from Dusseldorf

If you opt for the purchase of real hair wigs in Dusseldorf, You can look forward to our courteous service. It encompasses as advising on the wig selection. Based on our decades of experience we can all empathize alopecia affected us in a difficult situation. We know, how difficult it is, burden when hormonally induced hair loss or alopecia due to chemotherapy self-confidence strong. But the relationship with our customers has shown us: Real hair wigs from Dusseldorf bring you your vitality back. You can participate carefree at work and in your valuable free time as before in all activities. Your second hairstyle looks convincingly real and chic, so you loaded the theme of hormonally induced hair loss or alopecia no longer by chemotherapy. Wigs Dusseldorf you bet on proven quality

Our emergency service

Whether hormonally induced hair loss or chemotherapy is the cause of alopecia, often it occurs as a nasty surprise. Sometimes men and women are suddenly faced with the loss of scalp hair. We would like, that you quickly feel at home: a wig, your personality and highlights attractive framed your face, is this the best recipe. To save you long waits, We offer for human hair wigs in Dusseldorf a crash program to. They come to our salon and we will immediately fit a wig on.

You can rely on, that we get you any desired wig in a short time. This is true even for models, we exceptionally not hold in our huge warehouse. We promise you, that this second hairstyles are available for fitting within two to three business days in our business for you. Our customers are important to us and we do everything, to support them in difficult situations. Talk to our consultants so quiet at, if you are looking for a certain Wig.

This comprehensive service can offer no conventional hairdresser or a department store or online shop. Only an established shop is characterized by superior consulting expertise and a very large range of exclusive real-hair wigs.

Wigs Dusseldorf you bet on proven quality


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