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Are you suffering from cancer and losing your hair during the time required for the treatment of chemotherapy? Or you suffer from another disease-related form of hair loss? In diesen Situationen fragen Sie sich bestimmt, whether wigs are eligible.

In fact, patients in many cases, a health insurance subsidy for wigs. This applies to both private and public insurance. Here, the health insurance grant for wigs is precipitated in varying amounts depending on various criteria. Thus, for example, regularly children in terms of wigs eligible. You get in disease-related hair loss a health insurance subsidy for wigs in full. also ladies, suffering from alopecia areata or hair loss due to chemotherapy, have good prospects for a grant.

Assistance in applying

We can help, to let their hair replacement hair completely or partially financed by the health insurance. On request, we will assist you in applying for a health insurance subsidy for wigs. In addition, we have with the Association of spare cash (dies) signed a contract and have the appropriate approval as a second hair supplier. The institute indicator of the company Well wigs comb reads 350514659. are Wigs eligible, we can settle directly with their health insurance.

Moreover, it is possible in many cases, If wigs are eligible, to use the grant for the purchase of a second exclusive hairstyle. Through financial support of several hundred euros, many patients can not afford real hair models. Then a portion of the purchase price to be borne. But the long-lasting quality and impressive appearance make this purchase a worthwhile investment. knotted by hand wigs made of real hair look completely natural and offers you maximum comfort.

Consult clarify our competent advisers and leave the question, whether wigs are eligible. In many cases, you can also directly be already exhibit of your doctor a prescription for a wig. We then take care of the billing with your statutory or private health insurance.

Wigs Eligible – We explain it to you

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