Wig with chemotherapy

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Wig with chemotherapy

Chemotherapy leads depending on the composition of chemotherapy in many patients experience hair loss. For most people the hair loss is a big problem, which can be solved but with the right hair replacement. As a rule, it is for example in breast cancer about 10 Days after the first dose of chemotherapy hair loss. In abdominal cancer, for example, it can take up to 2 – up to 4 take weeks bie hair loss occurs.

Wig in chemotherapy Well comb in Dusseldorf
Wig in chemotherapy Well comb in Dusseldorf


get confidence

For your self-confidence, Your well-being and therefore for successful treatment it is very important, that you do not suffer so much from the loss of your hair, that a social withdrawal as the only way out seems. Talk to your doctor therefore already on the topic of hair replacement, when he discusses the upcoming chemotherapy with you. The doctor or hospital may prescribe a wig during chemotherapy. This is already possible, before treatment begins.


Consult early to your wig shop (Contact here)

Upon presentation of a recipe private take over at least a large part of the cost of a hair replacement. Statutory health insurance companies cover a standard wig. For higher quality wigs a private co-payment is usually to make. Well wigs comb is the specialist for hair replacement caused by chemotherapy hair loss. We are happy to check for you, how much is the grant of your health insurance company and handle all the paperwork with the health insurance for you when buying a wig 100%.


You are in good hands with us

We know the importance of a perfect hair replacement to hair loss after chemotherapy. therefore assist as you not only in the choice Wig, but discuss with you in a detailed consultation all important questions about the hair replacement. We will inform you about the various options for hair replacement and together we will find an optimal solution. We are happy to come to counseling and to you to hospital, because we know, how important this issue is for you. Apply in confidence to a specialist for hair replacement for chemotherapy and win new courage and new joy of life with a wig on Perückenstudio Well comb Düsseldorf Derendorf.

Wig with chemotherapy
Wig with chemotherapy

Well comb wig with chemotherapy Dusseldorf

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