Wig on prescription Dusseldorf

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Wig on prescription

A wig on prescription in Dusseldorf
Wig without charge simply by prescription in Dusseldorf.
There is a right to financial support from your health insurance in Dusseldorf in disease-related hair loss.
All you need to make only write a prescription from your doctor.
Questions, you can pre-cleared directly on the phone.
The ensuing settlement with your insurance, we assume from now complete for you.

The performance of the health insurance companies are different and can be explained by us as e.g.. Services when supplied with Real,- or synthetic hair and the most important is that you learn the same in advising us what pays your KK.
So you do not have first contact with your health insurance start.

During the initial consultation, I declare also keep you up and structure forms of some wigs and like this on your head well.

Difference between synthetic hair and human hair

We expect your wig on prescription with the statutory health insurance company.

It almost always pays a prescription from your doctor to seek. Trust me and Company Well comb and show me your problem.
Allergies to synthetic hair?

The same applies here: Wig on prescription Dusseldorf with allergies.
For example, it is important that your doctor can diagnose an allergy to synthetic hair, thus the grant of your KK may be higher.
are wearing time of substitute funds 6 or. 12 Months and all other statutory funds still have the control 1 or. 2 Year wearing time.

By the way, men get in alopecia Diffusa, Alopezia Areata, Alopecia totalis or chemotherapy a KK grant prescription.
Here the support of the health insurance company engages in Dusseldorf.

Wig on prescription Dusseldorf partner of Gesetzl. health insurance

wig on prescription Dusseldorf

Perücke auf Rezept Düsseldorf
Doctor prescribes Wig on prescription in chemotherapy

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