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Pay the health insurance for cancer patients a wig” clearly advance: AND but I have to say at the the cash still differ between men and women. In women, however, each fund is clearly a maximum amount is paid. While men must tremble because the funds rely very often on a judgment that no normal person understands and nothing to do with equality has. A court has decided that men do not need wig and at least 6 Months must run with chemotherapy, for example, without hair so bald around. We think that's unfair, yet over and over again submit a recipe in men and hair loss in its health insurance. We are fighting for you, man or woman, therefore, bring the recipe and we will try everything to your right to a wig enforce. Now to the actual topic of this website.

Pay statutory health insurance funds for hair replacement for medical reasons.

If a hair replacement because of illness e.g.. chemotherapy is necessary, it can be prescribed by a doctor. The hair is not only a sign of the attractiveness of a man, they are also a major contributor to a healthy self-esteem and a fulfilled and happy life. Because the loss of one's hair can be as strong an impact on the psyche and overall vitality, the hair replacement is classified for medical reasons of public health insurance as an aid to compensate for temporary or permanent impairment of physical or psychic field and paid differently set high up to a maximum rate depending on KK.

The substitute funds take usually the cost of such aids. A guarantee of payment always takes place in contractually agreed amount. The only exceptions are Aids, which are legally excluded from reimbursement.

What are the Benefits of the statutory health insurance funds?

Am 1. May 2017 were new rules governing the acquisition by statutory Ersatzkassen in force. Since then receive patients, temporarily suffer hair loss for medical reasons, usually a subsidy of max. 404,60 Euro for the Haarersatz / wig and at a Long term diagnosis i.d.Regel all 6 months as gestation period known. This applies for example to the hair loss in chemotherapy. A prerequisite for the assumption of costs is a prescription of the doctor or hospital.

More about statutory health insurance funds pay Wig:

is after six months still a wig to compensate for the hair loss necessary, the doctor can write a prescription again and the health insurance covers again 404,60 Euro for a new wig.

A derogation in terms of the amount of reimbursement comes into force, when an intolerance to artificial hair is and attested the doctor this. In this case, you are entitled to a Human hair wig. The statutory health insurance funds take over a share of costs 934,15 €

The prerequisite for obtaining services

The need for a hair replacement must be certified by a doctor, because the statutory health insurance funds only accept services, if the hair loss is to complain for medical reasons. But even if you already have a prescription for a hair replacement, only provide health insurance benefits, when the hair replacement by an authorized service comes. This must be a qualified professional wig studio, which has a contract with the association of health insurance funds E.V. (death) hat.

Which health insurance funds belong to vdek?

The statutory health insurance funds have joined in vdek, to your members to offer the same services as possible. For vdek and thus to the health insurance funds, provide services in the case of hair loss for medical reasons services, belong:

• Barmer
• Techniker Krankenkasse
• DAK health
• KKH Health Insurance Fund
• HEK Hanseatische Krankenkasse

Wigs Well comb - Contractual partner of vdek

Well wig comb is an experienced and competent partner, when it comes to hair replacement for medical reasons. We are party to the vdek and therefore on production of an appropriate medical prescription your hair replacement directly with the statutory health insurance funds, for the association of Ersatzkassen E.V. belong, settle up.

Whether you need a prescription for your hair replacement, or if your health insurance covers services, clarify we are happy for you in a counseling session. We not only have the perfect hair replacement for you, but offer a full service. These include not only a competent and empathetic counseling course, the clarification of reimbursement with your insurance and the direct settlement with the insurance company for reimbursement.

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