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One of the most common side effects during treatment with chemotherapy is hair loss

Alopecia due to chemotherapy is usually temporary. In Wigs Hair Studio
Well comb in Dusseldorf, we advise you.
Denn es ist bekannt das es für den Therapieerfolg wichtig ist, wie wohl Sie sich mit der Perücke fühlen und sozial interagieren können.

We usually offer only high quality art, and real-hair wigs and are on a soft,
Gage transparent linked breathable. Wigs are the only alternative besides turbans and
Towels for a short term solution for hair loss.

Whether and how we providing we may like to clarify at a consulting optimally.

We will advise you for free and without obligation, as well as a consultation and can be up to 2 take hours.

Make it a appointment by phone 0211 487278 or by Mail see our contact details


Oncological wig short term solution for hair loss


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