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Loading...News – Iris H., Brüggen 41379 from 20.08.2016

Very good care

Until my shopping at the company Well comb I was in other stores for hair replacement – with disappointing results. The wigs were not according to my ideas, the advice was not so great, as the company Well comb. Mr. Wegner and Mr. Köhler have a lot of expertise and masters of their field. They have a lot of sensitivity and know how to deal with patients. It's my first wig that really appeals to me. Good quality! I can only recommend the gentlemen and know now with certainty, that no other company out of the question for me. Big compliment!


Matthias B., Görlitz 02827 from 15.07.2016

A great team!

In the short term, I received a first date. Even on the phone I noticed the warm and friendly nature of the owner to, of a man took immediate concerns before a wig. The conversation was very enlightening, begat of great expertise and interest, which went beyond the norm far beyond. These two men (the second, a great hairdresser, cut my wig) one may quickly, they love their job and are thoroughly honest. I felt very comfortable in the studio. Just one day later, I got my wish model. It sits wonderful and I am very satisfied. I do not think so, again that there is such a great team. Many thanks to both of you!


Wigs as an aid to grant the insurance of wigs

News – If the hair loss problem is the result of a disease or treatment, such as in chemotherapy, so you have as a patient is entitled to a medical prescription. With this regulation, we can apply for the reimbursement of the cost of the second hair for you at the public health insurance. The grants are very different depending on the health insurance fund and indication and always be seen as an individual decision.
We like to help you: +49 211 487278 or look at our website https://www.wellkamm.de 21.07.2016

Wigs to chemotherapy - The wig shop in Dusseldorf – https://www.wellkamm.de
Everyone reacts differently to chemotherapy. In the case, that is the result in your hair loss, we are pleased to provide a remedy with beautiful wigs for each type. We also take over the entire accumulating paperwork with your insurance for you and a wig on prescription is not a problem with us. We take time for your concern, so you feel completely comfortable with your wig. If desired, you can also order a professional type- and hairstyle advice. Call us now at: +49 211 487278 or. emergency call 0176 10090640, read more about our services on our website: https://www.wellkamm.de or please come to us personally by in Dusseldorf, Glockenstrasse 24, input Rheinbabenstrasse. We look forward to you!

Real hair– and Synthetic hair wigs In Dusseldorf – News wig shop Well comb
https://www.wellkamm.de: On our site you will find a wide selection of wigs, only- and short hair pieces in best quality. We provide wigs for medical or fashion purposes. Another advantage for you: The wig you can also individually styling and blow dry thanks to the course falling and heat-resistant high-tech fiber. Our wigs are very comfortable to wear and look really out, so that they can not be seen as a wig right off the bat. Get a personal image of our world-class real hair- and wigs and visit us in Dusseldorf Glockenstrasse 24, input Rheinbabenstrasse. but we are happy to advise you on well in advance by telephone: +49 211 487278 or. emergency call 0176 10090640. Our positive customer voices speak for themselves!

Specific children wigs from your shop – https://www.wellkamm.de
When children suffer from hair loss, due to chemotherapy or chronic reasons, is always particularly bad. Children walk differently to this situation and take negative comments of other children rarely good on. To protect you from such statements and strengthen the confidence we have for every child the right wig. We guarantee a good comfort and from outside will not be visible, that it is a wig. Make an appointment now under: +49 211 487278 or come personally to our wig shop over in the Glockenstrasse 24, Input Rheinbabenstrasse in 40476 Düsseldorf. We appreciate your trust!


Children wigs for boys and girls in corrugated ridge in Dusseldorf: https://www.wellkamm.de
Does your child suffer from the disease Alopecia Areata? If so enters a disease, parents suffer more than most children, for they do not know the feeling of rejection really. To protect your child to a certain extent before, please contact us perfectly fitting in Dusseldorf head uniforms for your sweetheart. You can be sure, that the wig is not recognizable as such or in play and run down falls. We will assist you in making the right choice in our office in Dusseldorf Glockenstrasse 24, Input Rheinbabenstrasse or please call us in advance to under: +49 211 487278. But an e-mail we would be happy: wellkamm@web.de. We also have perfect solutions for a hair loss due to chemotherapy! https://www.wellkamm.de News of wigs Well comb

Wig shop in Dusseldorf – https://www.wellkamm.de News
We are the wig shop No.. 1! With the outstanding quality of our wigs, we give you a bit more vitality, Attractiveness and self-confidence back, for hair loss should not be a big burden for those affected more. We carry wigs for men, Women and children, optionally in real-- or synthetic hair available. And if you have a prescription for a wig that's not a problem, because we work with all health insurance companies together and help you with problems with permits and are happy to take the application for your grant, your health insurance. Come by with your concerns simply up to us and arrange a personal meeting: +49 211 487278 or send us an email: wellkamm@web.de. We are also available with a seven-day 24 Hour emergency service outside the opening times at 0176 – 10090640 to disposal. Glockenstrasse 24, Input Rheinbabenstrasse in 40476 Düsseldorf. https://www.wellkamm.de

Quality wigs of corrugated ridge – https://www.wellkamm.de
Hair loss is always unpleasant, either because of illness or genetic. It's understandable, that it makes you feel uncomfortable. are almost as bad wigs, do not sit and which one already sees from afar, that it is a wig. But with our quality wigs happens to you no such thing! No matter, whether made of real hair or synthetic hair, all our wigs are of the highest quality, fit perfectly and guarantee a comfortable fit. For more information visit our website: https://www.wellkamm.de, Write us your request: wellkamm@web.de or call us at +49 211 487278. The right wig for better quality of life! Well comb wigs Dusseldorf, Glockenstrasse 24, Input Rheinbabenstrasse in 40476 Düsseldorf.

Wigs by prescription in corrugated ridge – https://www.wellkamm.de

They suffer from disease-related hair loss and have received a prescription for a wig from your doctor? Then you can come to us so happy! We work with all health insurance companies together and help you very much with the formalities and the paperwork. We attach great importance to a professional, competent and individual advice and are sure, to find the perfect wig with optimal fit and feel-good feeling for you. Because, We are only satisfied, if you are satisfied! Call us now at +49 211 487278, contact us by e-mail: wellkamm@web.de or look at our homepage for more information: https://www.wellkamm.de. We look forward to you! Well comb wigs Dusseldorf, Glockenstrasse 24, Input Rheinbabenstrasse in 40476 Düsseldorf.

Men Wigs / Breakfast von Wellkåmm – News https://www.wellkamm.de
Sirs, with us you will receive only high quality wigs and toupees and no ill-fitting hair replacement! our wigs, of real- or synthetic hair, are of high quality and guarantee a good grip. We will advise you personally and take the time where needed, to the perfect model for you to find. On our website you can already watch a couple of new models: . Call now with us and make an appointment: +49 211 487278 or send us an email: wellkamm@web.de. We are sure to find the perfect wig or toupee perfect for you! Well comb wigs Dusseldorf, Glockenstrasse 24, Input Rheinbabenstrasse in 40476 Düsseldorf.

Wig on prescription - straightforward and easy – https://www.wellkamm.de
Hair loss is an unpleasant issue - especially if an illness is behind it. Fortunately, you will be supported in this situation by health insurance, if you decide, to wear a wig. Did you know already, that health insurance for your wig 2014 even subsidize more? And we also take care of it for you all formalities! As a contractual partner of all health insurance we will make your wig purchase as carefree and uncomplicated as possible. Call us a call and make an appointment by calling +49 211 487278 or send your request to wellkamm@web.de. But also on our website for additional information: https://www.wellkamm.de/. Together we will find the perfect wig for you! Well comb wigs Dusseldorf, Glockenstrasse 24, Input Rheinbabenstrasse in 40476 Düsseldorf.

Tailor-made wigs for chemotherapy – https://www.wellkamm.de News
Who has to undergo chemotherapy, is usually not spared from hair loss. But the hair grows back after luckily. For the transition period, we recommend the quality wigs of corrugated ridge. express our wigs and not tweak and convince through optimal comfort and quality. Just come with your wigs recipe to us and we will find, the right to your type wig - either synthetic or genuine hair. Do you have anymore questions? Then do not hesitate to call us at the following number +49 211 487278, Write us an e-mail to wellkamm@web.de or view examples and tips for chemotherapy patients on our website at https://www.wellkamm.de. Wigs of corrugated ridge: for a piece of far more well-being! Well comb wigs Dusseldorf, Glockenstrasse 24, Input Rheinbabenstrasse in 40476 Düsseldorf.

Alopezie / Alopecia areata - we will help you with the right wigs - wig shop from Dusseldorf: https://www.wellkamm.de
Alopecia areata is a non-contagious and dangerous disease. It can occur at any age and in both sexes. These usually circular bald spots on the head or face solve a feeling of insecurity among those affected from. Rarely is the total loss. But if e.g.. children suffer a complete loss of hair, can be improved with a natural-looking and perfectly fitting wig quality of life of the child. But even adults feel with a prime wig safer and more comfortable. Talk to your doctor and join with us with a wig Recipe past. After a thorough consultation we will find it for you or for your child the right wig. Visit now our website https://www.wellkamm.de, Write us an e-mail to wellkamm@web.de or call and make an appointment at our Zweithaarstudio in Dusseldorf, Glockenstrasse 24, input Rheinbabenstrasse: +49 211 487278. We look forward to you! News of wigs Well comb

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