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New to buy a wig with chemotherapy

The supply with a matching wig to you should be a central question before chemotherapy should already be clarified as possible before treatment.
Hair replacement specialists can better respond to you a 100% to find solution of the hair replacement.

Unfortunately there are also on the secondary market hair irresponsible sellers without background knowledge with only one intention …

The more important it is for you as a patient, to recognize these.
Usually a first call to the doctor or a recommendation of other patients helps e.g.. the outpatient clinic. Flyers alone are no guarantee which proves the quality of the studio.

The first impression in the wig shop counts and should as always be about the right my request that you be careful.

  • Pay particular attention to, that your wig seller is possible hairdressers and wigs can therefore cropping the directly.
  • to seek advice in time for the reimbursement of costs is also important for reasons, be because the cost estimate must be submitted as possible before buying the health insurance so the statutory health insurance. we as professional wig studio happy to take this paperwork completely for you. Bring therefore equal as possible to your conversation and a supply intention Regulation or. Recipe equal with us. How to Find Well comb in Dusseldorf

your team
Well comb

New to buy a wig with chemotherapy in corrugated comb wigs


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