Cancer chemo wig – what next

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Cancer chemo wig recipe

Your doctor will give you a wig Verschreiben.

It mostly follows in consultation with you, chemotherapy!
What should I do now as a patient?

Your doctor will offer you usually without being asked a prescription for a hair replacement.
The nursing staff knows where ausliegen flyer for hair replacement company corrugated ridge in hospital ( Most of the waiting room ).
Ideal for us would be, So if we know or even before the start of hair loss after diagnosis from 1. to 10. get day after the first chemotherapy to provide an accurate picture of your hairstyle and hair color.
mostly ( of course, not always ) the hair loss begins after the first chemotherapy in ca 10 meet.

The best way now to make an appointment at tel.: 0211-487278 and plan to be ca. 1 – 2 hours, we need for the detailed advice.
family, friends, Known are always welcome here, If you think that this will help you decide.
Each wig is made from the cut and style of us finished.

The settlement with health insurance, we assume i.e.. the cost estimate for the wig, we will file with the original recipe with your health insurance. The health insurance edited submitted cost estimates normally have in the short term, depending on the health insurance between 1 hour after submission and 4 weeks. The amount of the health insurance reimbursement is then also before writing.

Cancer Wig - what next

Her wig is ready. now agree with us one time last date and spontaneously, in order to adapt.
handling & Care of the wig is shown with exactly.

your Wigs / Second Hair Team
Well comb Dusseldorf

emergency number, Address etc can be found here

Cancer chemo wig – Wigs for cancer patients

Wigs Eligible

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