IKK classic wigs supply Dusseldorf

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IKK classic wigs supply Dusseldorf

We are certified specialist wigs Studio Well comb in Dusseldorf and provide patients with wigs on prescription.

The IKK Classic are tools directory change known from the 1. October 2018 come into effect.

IKK classic wigs supply Dusseldorf
IKK classic wigs supply Dusseldorf

For you, the insured person will not change.

Product group and aid number be created from October which is important only for the time hair specialists in the first place.

We give the business at a counseling session known, So what will pay your health insurance IKK classic maximum to a council Wig on prescription.

This depends on the diagnosis, or even from the repeated supply, for example by 6 Month gestation period.

Ask for it.

Wellkamm.de Team

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