Hormonally induced hair loss wigs Well comb

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Hormonally induced hair loss and the subject Wigs

Hormones control the hair roots it is proved that hormonally induced hair loss in women and in men occurs.

Menopause in men and women and a pregnancy can be a reason.

Hormonally induced hair loss
Hormonally induced hair loss

Important: Hair loss is not a disease, rather a symptom.

We help when hormonally induced hair loss is present visually through this period of time.

Haarersatz: What the insurance company pays for the diagnosis: Hormonally induced hair loss?

Due statutory health insurance pay different maximum amounts for hair loss and make differences between women, Men and children. These differences we like to explain that please arrange phone or suburb for a Free Consultation.

The recipe

Once a diagnosis “hair loss” created, Your doctor can issue to your request and a recipe you with us no matter what health insurance you can redeem insured are. Depending on whether you have long-term needs, you can depending on the supply and Checkout by 6 or. 12 get months approved a new supply.

You must not itself submit the recipe with your health insurer and the assumption of costs apply because we like to do for you and you also have to not in advance to step.

Hormonally induced hair loss

It is best, that already before the start of chemotherapy Wig specialist studio Well comb Dusseldorf visit, so we kennenund your hair color and style appropriate wig can be selected. Medical quality wigs e.g.. Gisela Mayer, by Hamburg, Miner or Ellen will hardly differ from natural hair and are available from us.

Headgear in the form of caps or just yet a wig? Many women and men choose the moment for a wig or wear them only outside the house. A consultation – much more information about Wigs.

What makes a Good hair replacement out?

Every woman, losing her hair due to health reasons, is entitled to a wig.
And this should not be seen the same visual.
The hair of the wig should completely natural fall and no one will recognize your hairstyle as wig hairstyle.
The Lacefront a wig is therefore fast in our wig shop for “Must” become and makes a large part of


Hormonally induced hair loss


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