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Which is the right hair replacement for chemotherapy-related hair loss

Consider first, which solution personally the best thing is for you: Die Möglichkeiten sind vielfältig: a new chic short hairstyle, ein modisches Kopftuch oder das „Beibehalten“ Ihrer alten Frisur mittels einer Perücke – How to correct hair replacement.

Das Angebot an Perücken ermöglicht fast jede Frisur und Haarfarbe.

How to correct hair replacement
How to correct hair replacement

Eine Perücke kann so erheblich dazu beitragen, to improve the lifestyle.
There is, however, important, that the criteria naturalness, secure mounting and very good comfort are met.
Hair replacement specialists meet these requirements, department store- and not catalog goods mostly. choose the right hairstyle

You should also pay attention to the hairstyle choice on the maintenance effort and the regular daily contact with the wig.
The longer the hair, the greater is usually the maintenance effort. Also, the material of a wig is crucial.
Wigs are available in synthetic- and real hair.

Real hair or Synthetic hair wigs

Real hair causes compared to synthetic hair more adjustment- and maintenance requirements.
Therefore, synthetic hair wigs are recommended for short-term hair replacement for chemotherapy, especially since artificial hair is virtually indistinguishable from human hair thanks modernster Technology.
This information shows mainly to buy synthetic hair wigs for this reason.
Of course, but also real-hair wigs are justified, which with good care are a class of its own and can therefore meet individual emotional needs.

Prepare yourself time to hair loss after chemotherapy before.

It is best to, if you still have your full hair growth, d.h. before the start of chemotherapy, but at the latest after the first treatment, schedule a consultation with us.
We as a hair replacement specialist find together with you the right hairstyle, cut them later correct type and assign professionally in the handling and care of your hairstyle a second.

Make an appointment for consultation with us!

With the onset of hair loss, the disease for the environment is often the first visible.
A professional hair replacement allows, that no one knows the hair loss and thus the disease is at least visually in the background.

Obtain a prescription for a wig from your doctor

A concrete support for both the psychological and cosmetic needs provide wigs.
Accompanying therapy they increase with its particular characteristics and particularly high-quality workmanship well-being and guarantee maximum wearing comfort.
Soft velvet lining with uniforms conserve in chemotherapy patients often highly irritated and damaged scalp.

The wigs also look natural and are particularly easy.

Regarding section, Color and fit can be fulfilled almost all wishes.
With our experience as a hair replacement specialist and the large selection of different wigs models, most of which in Wigs On Demand be available, For all
determine the right one for you second hairstyle.
Welche Perücke zu Ihrem Typ passt entscheiden am ende alleine Sie.

We as a dealer will advise you gladly and are you also then with help and advice on the subject” How to correct hair replacement aside”.

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