Wigs from specialists Dusseldorf

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Hair replacement specialists from Dusseldorf

Professional hair replacement, regardless of the manufacturer of wigs is always a matter of trust and is one of 100% in Expertenhand.
whether fine, thin or thinning hair, a hereditary (from birth) induced baldness or for example in chemotherapy successful hair loss is for that always a shock and hits despite warning from your attending physician for but suddenly. over 15 Years of practice makes us identify the optimal system solution for you. Hair replacement specialists from Dusseldorf

Wigs from specialists Dusseldorf
Wigs from specialists Dusseldorf

Main features that are make us:

1. over 200 available wigs permanently available
2. Synthetic hair wigs
3. Finest human hair replacement
4. Hair supplement such as a second skin
5. Custom-made human hair items from the hair replacement specialist
6. Purchase of health insurance
7. After consultation clinic- and home visits
8. Absolute discretion is guaranteed
9. ours wig – for each requirement the right solution
10. Hair replacement specialists from Dusseldorf

Well comb wigs bring you maximum comfort and naturalness. From the custom-made hand-knotted human hair wig to without long to reflect available synthetic hair wig, you benefit from the best solution – according to your wishes and requirements.

excluding, by hand individually knotted human hair wigs

As excellent and stubborn as you is your Maßperücke. Together we will work out your personal human hair wig. Our perennial experience as a hair replacement professionals for you on the way to your new hairstyle. to achieve a high degree of naturalness and comfort for you is our Ziehl.

For a tailor-made production we take on custom-made an imprint of your head shape. your type, by which you are known, after completion of the real or synthetic hair wig and the incision can convince. This ensures, that the discussed production will average optimally carried out according to your ideas. Hair replacement specialists from Dusseldorf

Incredible naturalness by microfine base

Our uniforms are made of micro-fine membranes, which may be second hand in the perfect fit of a Maßperücke like a second skin. To keep your wig for outsiders remains your secret. Your new hairstyle accompanies your current life and does it all, what you enjoy.

Today, no one has to endure more restrictions by uncertainties, just because he / she dependent on a wig (dependent) is.

New special fiber hair: easy to maintain as synthetic hair, transformable like real hair

A new specialty fiber synthetic hair wig combines easy maintenance with the creative configurability of a human hair wig. No time-consuming washing and blow-drying more, license to air dry instead with a light hand, Shake ready.

The heat resistance of the fiber the lure remains, compared with conventional artificial hair wigs, much longer in the hair. With these models, you can change your hairstyle style to suit your mood, just as it requires the ability.

Synthetic hair wigs, which are barely hold real-hair wigs to make a difference

Not only the changeability of these new Hitec fiber is a significant increase, auch in der natürlichen optischen Effekt konnte dieser Werkstoff bezeichnend weiterentwickelt werden. Even we hair replacement specialists capable differ wigs made from this new special fiber immediately of good human hair. The gloss and the case reflexive synthetic hair are valid, that a very natural feel is established in of its user.

Thus, this fiber is ideally suited for long hair styles made of synthetic hair and can be used longer in the trend which provides a prolonged period of wearing prospect.

Special fiber synthetic hair wigs

a real alternative as part of a long-term care, or the right choice when lust after a very low-maintenance, long-haired wig.

Again absolutely trendy is the classic bob. Hair replacement specialists from Dusseldorf

easy to clean, synthetic hair

once shaken and the haircut sitting.

  1. hair replacement specialists from Dusseldorf
  2. hair replacement specialists from
  3. specialists Dusseldorf
  4. like a second skin
  5. Haarersatz
  6. Well wigs comb

Shoulder-length hair with a slight movement. Hard to believe, aber auch das ist eine Eigenschafft von diesem neuen Kunsthaar.
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