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There are many reasons, Why can occur hair loss. Often the loss of hair occurs as a side effect in the context of chemotherapy. There are other diseases, associated with hair loss. The hair loss is not only changing the look. Instead, the loss of one's hair especially strains the psyche of the patients concerned.


Beautiful and full head of hair is traditionally seen as a sign of health and attractiveness. Who involuntarily loses his hair, often feels excluded and suffers greatly among. This often leads to, that self-esteem very quickly reduced and the quality of life, very suffering the joy of life and sometimes the courage including. With an adequate hair replacement - mostly in the form of wigs, but also as a toupee or hairpiece - can largely avoided these bad psychological effects, but at least mitigated. If a hair loss can be expected as a result of an impending chemotherapy, It therefore makes sense to deal in good time with the issue of hair replacement and turn confidently to wigs Well comb. We advise you and find together with you the right hair replacement.


Sometimes the hair loss is sudden and unexpected

Not always remains the person concerned to open up the subject of hair loss and time to compensate for the impending loss of your own hair by a hair replacement enough time. Suddenly and unexpectedly, the hair falls circular or coverage of. It is quite natural, that such an event initially terror, Shock and panic leads. By involuntary visual change of oneself the entire personality of the person concerned gets quickly falter and results in a very short time to social withdrawal and loss of self-esteem. This in turn has a negative effect on quality of life, the joy of life and sometimes the courage of. Rapid assistance and an understanding dealing with the problem are important in such a situation. ask a hair replacement specialist for help is a step in the right direction, for a qualified hair replacement specialist understands this problem and will always find a suitable solution.


Our special service for emergencies

Wigs Well comb is a qualified hair replacement specialist with years of experience and high quality standards. We know the problems of our customers and have made it our mission, People with hair loss due to high quality wigs, to help toupees or hairpieces to a new quality of life. We also know the problem with a sudden and unexpected hair loss and can empathize with how distressing is such an event. Therefore we offer to our customers a very special service and are in precisely these emergencies always available for you.


By phone 0211-487278 reach us from Tuesday to Friday between the hours of 10 to 14 Clock and can make an appointment for a consultation with us.


In addition, we also want to be there for you, if you urgently need understanding and help with your problem. Under the emergency number 0176-10090640 We are therefore here and also on the weekends for you to advise you.


A sensitive and expert advice helps usually already over the initial shock of time, when suddenly and unexpectedly fail the hair. A modern hair replacement will greatly ease the situation for you and you return your quality of life and vitality.

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