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Hair loss why the hair falls at a time of

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Hair loss is a permanent hair loss, in which grow the fallen hairs not play. The boundaries of the non-haarvermindernden failure to highly haarvermindernden failure are not rigidly set. It depends on, how easily and in which areas the number of hair fall out. When hair loss is basically distinguishes two manifestations:
Effluvium (from the Latin. failure) is increased above the normal hair loss, does not necessarily leads to a alopecia.
Alopezie / Alopecia is generally a visible clearing of the hair, d. h. a condition with an abnormally thinning hair (Hypotrichose) or with hairless Hautbezirken (Alopecia in the narrow sense).

The people fall on average between 70 and 100 Head hairs per day from, but since the hair roots usually remain in the scalp and grow back, the fallen hairs are constantly being replaced and a hair loss is not visible.

Hair loss why the hair falls at a time of, these questions can be answered.

Following is an explanation of types of hair loss and its causes

Male-pattern hair loss (BUT)

Male-pattern hair loss (pecia of the ANDROID_APP_NAME Ged netica oder ANDROID_APP_NAME Ged netische of the pezie, induced by androgen hair loss) occurs so frequently especially in men, that it is seen as a normal phenomenon of aging, especially since the phenomenon has no pathological character.

alopecia areata

Unter Alopecia areata (also: alopecia, excluding / Pelade / areata CELSIS / circular hair loss) refers to a round, localized pathological hair loss. However, the hair loss can progress further and the loss of all scalp hair (alopecia totalis) or even the loss of all body hair (Alopecia universalis) to lead.

Diffuse hair loss

From diffuse hair loss (diffuse Alopezie, telogenes Effluvium) Languages ​​spoken, when the hairs fall off the entire head. This hair loss occurs more in women than in men. Causes can hormonal imbalances, Schilddrüsenerkrankungen, iron deficiency, infections, Scalp diseases, Lupus, be stressful or fat deficiency.

Cytostatic therapy / radiotherapy

By the administration of certain chemotherapeutic agents, the production of a hair in the hair root is disturbed shortly. After the hair grows as normal from the hair root out. but now comes the incorrect place on the skin surface, which takes depending on the growth rate is about 2-3 weeks, break it off. It "fall" clumps hair "off", and it is really just a massive Cancel. The hair almost always grow back, because it never actually comes to massive damage of all hair roots.

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Hair loss why the hair falls at a time of