Hair loss is not the same as hair loss

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hair loss by chemotherapy.

The cytotoxic drugs used in chemotherapy cause in many cases, damage to rapidly growing cells. As to this genus and between 80 and 90 Percent of the hair root cells count, comes regularly to hair loss due to chemotherapy. Hair root cells undergo three stages:

• The growth phase (Anagen)
• The transition phase (Katagen)
• The resting phase (Telogen)

The hairs break through alopecia in chemotherapy of the root, starting just above the scalp from. The hair loss begins about four to six weeks after starting chemotherapy treatment. In the course of alopecia caused by chemotherapy, the remaining hair to fall out in the next two months, resulting in the transition- are or dormancy. because there is damage to the hair follicles inactive. Patients lose their head hair gradually or in clumps. At the end of this process, the scalp is completely bald. Often alopecia concerns with chemotherapy and the Body.

Alopezie bei Chemotherapie - patience is required

Fortunately, you do not have to put up in the long term with the loss of your hair, because it is a temporary phenomenon. Once you have placed the last chemotherapeutic treatment for this condition, the hair root cells recover. After about three weeks your hair grow vigorously. Only three to four months after the first dose of chemotherapy, patients can look forward regularly over a first hair growth. Hair need on average to grow by one centimeter a period of about a month. Therefore, you can wear an attractive short hair cut after only about a quarter again. Some patients report, that the structure of their hair has changed after chemotherapy. So make some sufferers firmly, that the hair is curlier than before. These changes are most commonly by up to one year back, so you soon have your usual hair.

Tips for dealing with Alopezie in chemotherapy

Wearing a wig makes daily tasks with alopecia. Is certain, that your chemotherapy will result in complete hair loss, You can buy a matching wig before starting treatment. Public and private health insurance companies encourage the purchase wig with grants. It may also prove helpful, to shave the scalp at the onset of alopecia completely. Then you will remain the permanent confrontation saves with the continuing loss of your hair.

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