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Gisela Mayer Human Hair Wigs and hand-made set new standards in quality and naturalness

For over five decades the wig manufacturer Giselya Mayer has an excellent reputation for its quality products. This is especially true for the exclusive Zweitfrisuren of real hair. Leading experts are constantly developing new wigs, which are oriented towards the classic and current Hairstyles. We at the wig shop Well comb in Dusseldorf show you in our diverse selection of Gisela Mayer wigs made of real hair attractive secondary hairstyles. They can hardly be distinguished from your real hair - provided, Choose a wig model, the your individual type emphasizes wonderful.

Hand-knotted human hair wigs from Gisela Mayer - the Rolls Royce of Zweitfrisuren

Human hair has a unique structure, you can see the beautiful glow and at the special grip. For this reason, see wigs made of real hair very natural. Here, hair turn of European people as ideal for exquisite Zweitfrisuren, because you resemble the texture of your real hair most. For a perfect appearance, it comes with a wig just to the manufacturing process: Machine-knotted models look good, but well exceeded Zweitfrisuren, which are made by hand. Ideally, the Einknüpfen is as for the luxury models of Gisela Mayer by hand in a monofilament. It is the head of the wig, that looks like human skin. For this reason, these wigs Gisela Mayer suitable even for wearing a means- or side crown. Among the specific facilities of this exclusive wigs also includes a Lacefront. It provides such a natural-looking hairline, you can comb your hair style second without hesitation from his face.

Further advantages the hand-knotted Human Hair Wigs Gisela Mayer

We help them customize your real hair wig and cut this one in your premises. Home you can treat your noble second hairstyle just like your natural hair. In particular, human hair wigs can be in contrast to models made of synthetic hair, even color, and shape varied Föhnfrisuren. Not least, this wig models of Gisela Mayer score with their very long shelf life. With good care, they serve you for years in all life excellent services.
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