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Gisela Mayer medical hair replacement Dusseldorf – Hair loss in chemotherapy

Gisela Mayer Medical hair replacement / wigs

Let yourself be inspired by Gisela Mayer wigs Dusseldorf. We have a large collection of these popular wig designer. We offer both real- and synthetic hair wigs and hairpieces, which thinning hair looks full.

In our Gisela Mayer wigs Dusseldorf collection we present practical second hairstyles. They are ideal for medical regulations, the doctors prescribe in various diseases. If you are undergoing chemotherapy and affected by hair loss, provide Gisela Mayer wigs Dusseldorf is an excellent choice. The same is true with alopecia for all patients.

The well-known wig label brings in his

Gisela Mayer MedicalCollection

faszinierende Zweithaarfrisuren heraus. Diese Perücken begeistern mit ihrer natürlichen Anmutung, which is not very different from real hair. Gisela Mayer wigs Dusseldorf accompany you during your illness beziehungswese therapy through the day.

Gisela Mayer Wigs geben Ihnen das beruhigende Gefühl, always look attractive with neat hair. The outstanding wearing comfort of these wigs due to their light weight and breathable materials contributes to your well-being.

Gisela Mayer wigs Dusseldorf are available in exclusive synthetic hair quality or as high-quality real hair models. You have the choice between different wig Macharten: With us one hundred percent hand-knotted monofilament designs or modern Tress wigs are available. Monofilament models look stunningly lifelike, because the delicate tissues like your scalp at the roots shine through. An outfit with lace is characterized by particularly thick hair.

Medical hair replacement

Our service for you

We consult with the acquisition of a second hairstyle, you need medical reasons. You can set up Gisela Mayer wigs Dusseldorf in peace and try it with us. We support you, to find a model, which is very similar to your natural hair. We cut your wig known brand for you individually, so you can wear your desired hairstyle again.

In addition, you also have the option, try a different hair color instead of your natural clay. We dye the exclusive Gisela Mayer wigs according to your specifications individually. As a recognized direct supplier to the health insurance is possible, that we settle directly with your insurance company.

The new New Medical Collection flyers online for viewing.

Gisela Mayer medical hair replacement Dusseldorf
Gisela Mayer medical hair replacement Dusseldorf


Gisela Mayer offers the highest quality.


Gisela Mayer medical hair replacement Dusseldorf Derendorf


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