Examples Dening Hair Wigs

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By Hair Brücken

Anastasia Long Echthaar Vanilla‑Mix‑Root
Dening Hair Example: Anastasia Long human hair color: Vanilla‑Mix‑Root.

by Hair Hamburg Catalog.
Pick out before your visit with us the possible model in Belle Madame catalog of.
Human hair wig 35/40 cm.

ANASTASIA LONG RH ●●●●● b S ( Kopfumpfang 52 – 54 cm )
HAARDICHTE / HAIR VOLUME 100 % light / light

BROWN COLOURS 2, 4, 6/10­6, Chocolate (8/12/30), Chocolate­Mix (8/10/27/20), 10/12
BLOND COLOURS Chocolate/Cream­Root (10/27/20R+Root8), Honey­Mix (12A/25R/28), Vanilla­Mix­Root (20/12A/23A+Root10/12A), Danish­Blond (19/20R), Danish­Blond­Root (20R/19+Root12), Champagne­Root (20R/23+Root10), Swedish­Blond­Root (23A/26+Root16)
RED COLOURS Terracotta­Mix­Root (30/27+Root4), 33/30
OMBRE COLOURS Chestnut/Blond­Ombre (30/31­28

About the medical necessity of hair replacement first decides the treating physician.
Your cost of a wig depend on the quality of the wig, but also significantly from the health insurance subsidies.

Example Dening Hair Wigs

In addition to the material (Synthetic or human hair) is the quality of the wig (Braided, lament monofi or film approach) and the amount of work in the production of the respective model (machinery- or handmade) crucial for the price. A synthetic wig from the emergency program is of course cheaper than a custom-made. In both there but due to the various types of production several price ranges. The price of a wig can accordingly between about 350 euro up 1.500 Euro and even lie about it. Chemotherapy affected mostly choose wigs from the emergency program, as a custom-made 10-12 takes weeks.

the custom-made

is often called in the first explanation. Should it be really necessary to deviate from the standard dimensions because you e.g.. have a highly sensitive scalp I advise you ever to custom-made because happen to be very expensive.

A head imprint of the customer will be sent for processing to our manufacturers. The production of a custom-made wig is ca 9 take weeks. Chemotherapy patients have not much time left waiting. Our emergency program is therefore blanks then give them the we your wishes as far as you adapt to feel good.

So we go home at night with a clear conscience.

example Dening Hair wig


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