Wigs – Second hair emergency aid in chemotherapy

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Loading...Emergency aid in chemotherapy.
If you have to undergo as part of a cancer treatment chemotherapy, provides hair loss is a common side effect.

Wigs – Second hair emergency aid in chemotherapy

The aggressive drugs prevent cell growth of tumors, but also in hair. For this reason it is a completely natural reaction of your body, that you the head- and body hair out. However, the hair loss does not occur in every case. Depending on the chemotherapeutic agents used the hair can be left may get. Even experienced doctors are with their related predictions are not always correct.

Perücken - Zweithaar Soforthilfe bei Chemotherapie

Unexpected hair loss during a chemotherapeutic treatment

For these reasons, it can happen, that you will be surprised by hair loss during chemotherapy. Contrary to predictions from your attending physician then lose within a very short time your head hair completely. These developments negatively impact patients affected in this already difficult phase of life more: Many men and women feel unattractive, perhaps even stigmatized. In addition, prove the (well-meaning) anxious inquiries from colleagues, Neighbors and other persons from the wider area as an additional challenge.

attractive appearance and strengthened self-confidence by an advantageous second hairstyle

We as experts in hair replacement by the renowned wig shop Well comb in Dusseldorf know these problematic situations well. We know, how hard it is, now to be done with hair loss in addition to the many side effects of chemotherapy. Many affected patients feel very unwell and develop a pessimistic or depressed mood. This state of mind can disrupt even the healing process may. For these reasons, we consider all patients, undergoing chemotherapy, a special service: We can be reached for affected women and men around the clock every day of the week via a hotline. With our experienced professionals you can arrange in this way make an appointment for a consultation in Dusseldorf wig shop at very short notice. There we work with you to determine an exclusive model wig made of real or synthetic hair quality, that fits perfectly to your type. We cut your hairstyle second one individually and give you valuable tips for setting up and taking care of your wig. We also assist you in applying for reimbursement on your statutory or private health insurance.

If you notice hair loss caused by chemotherapy with him, Do not hesitate, but contact us immediately!
We help you with a lot of empathy and expertise continue immediately.

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Wigs – Second hair emergency aid in chemotherapy by Well comb wigs Dusseldorf


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