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Complementary medicine in cancer – Möglichkeiten und Grenzen


Since we advise daily cancer patients from the wig shop Well comb, we are aware of this difficult situation. Chemotherapeutic treatment often has side effects, very often in the form of loss of scalp hair. Then we can help you with a perfectly fitting and excellent suitable for your type wig.

Complementary medicine in cancer - Wigs Dusseldorf
Complementary medicine in cancer – Wigs Dusseldorf

add complementary treatments classical therapies

Many of our customers have high hopes for alternative cancer treatments. However, these are generally recommended only as a supplement to conventional medical therapy. You can replace these never. Surgery, Radiation and chemotherapy, the prescribed by your treating physician, no alternative. But there are complementary treatments, that can support these proven therapies effectively. They help you, to strengthen their defenses. In many cases, alternative treatments cause a marked increase your physical and mental well-being.

The main principle

For which of the presented below therapies you decide on,, discuss the planned treatment to your doctor. He can advise you, for example by treatment, leading to undesirable interactions with chemotherapeutics and other anticancer drugs. In addition, physicians know, what treatments are completely ineffective. So the doctor help you, to save a lot of money on pointless therapy. As a rule, insured patients have to take on the costs of complementary medicine itself.

Herbal supplements as an aid to chemotherapy

In pharmacies, many medications are over the counter, containing plant extracts to treat cancer. are especially popular extracts from mistletoe. Also means to strengthen the immune system, as obtained for example from the sun, very popular. Complementary medicine in cancer. complementary therapies.

vitamins, Trace elements and minerals

The manufacturers of food supplements want to convince consumers, that in this country there is a chronic shortage of certain vitamins and other micronutrients. This is their main selling point, but it is not accurate. A balanced diet is sufficient, to the organism with all necessary vitamins, to provide trace elements and minerals. This is true in general for cancer patients. Some studies even show negative effects of long-term supply of high-dose dietary supplements by. For this reason, you should not better their income on their own.

Special diets cancer

The perception, that cancer can starve by a ketogenic diet, stubbornly persists. In this form of nutrition you dispense almost entirely on carbohydrates and take almost entirely fat and protein to be. A definitive scientific proof of the effectiveness of this diet is from. In contrast is safe, that it unpleasant in the long run and even dangerous symptoms leads: Constipation and a high burden of kidney occur frequently. other unilateral diets as critical are seen in cancers. This also applies to fasting. Although the temporary waiver of solid food is healthy in itself. But if he is good for one anyway weakened by a cancer organism, must be questioned.

Technical treatments

therapies, where cancer cells are to be killed by overheating, also enjoy great popularity. Unfortunately, even here the scientific evidence of its efficacy is lacking. However, these treatments represent a heavy burden of cardio-vascular system, and are very controversial for this reason.

Complementary medicine in cancer – clarifies

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