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Diffuse hair loss Dusseldorf

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As he remarks? When he usually occurs?

Lose a lot of hair brushing? Or find individual hairs or whole clumps of hair after getting up on your pillow? That is as long as is not a cause for alarm, until the limit of one hundred outgoing hair is exceeded on the day. As long as the number of lost hair is less, is it is very normal regeneration processes. With more than one hundred lost hairs per day with you diffuse hair loss may be.

Diffuse hair loss - a widespread phenomenon

Diffuse hair loss is not usually goes back to hormonal or genetic causes. Hereditary or triggered by a hormonal disorder hair loss is preferably in the form of a receding hairline. In men, this type of hair loss often leads to a spreading bald at the back.

however, women suffer more thin places in the apex region. In contrast to these forms of hair loss, it is not clearly recognizable bald spots on the scalp in diffuse hair loss. Instead, the hair falls at the same time all over the head spread out. This process can always continue, to the scalp over a large area shines through the few remaining hairs.

In these The situation it is often too diffuse hair loss – Diffuse hair loss Dusseldorf

Many people, suffering in a particular life stage under increased stress, get diffuse hair loss. In addition to this ongoing relationship between mental tension and general congestion and diffuse hair loss and the use of certain drugs may play a role: It is known, that, for example beta blockers, acting against hypertension, or thyroid medication favor the development of diffuse hair loss.

The same applies to the birth control pill or medication, which lower blood pressure. Fortunately, the diffuse hair loss has proven in many cases as a temporary phenomenon. After the stressful emotional situation endured, fall out less hair. The same effect has the settling of the above medications.

Zweitfrisuren in diffuse hair loss

Thick hair is an important requirement for an attractive appearance. For this reason, diffuse hair loss can strain those affected strongly and significantly affect their self-confidence. A high quality wig made of real hair or synthetic hair exclusive proves to be a good solution: In the form of a type-specific secondary hairstyle she looks absolutely natural and helps men and women, feel comfortable despite diffuse hair loss.

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