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Contractors Barmer for wigs supply Dusseldorf

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from the 1. January 2017 are the Barmer GEK and German BKK combines the new Barmer

Contractors Barmer for wigs supply
Contractors Barmer for wigs supply

A Ersatzkasse with great tradition

The Barmer has a membership of over nine million insured. Thus it is one of the largest public health insurance companies in Germany. In the Barmer is a Ersatzkasse. It offers its members and the insured about the family members insurance all services a statutory health. Moreover, in the Barmer insured can a comprehensive prevention- and take care program in Claim. Well comb is a contractual partner of Barmer for wigs supply

Die Geschichte und Organisation der Barmer Ersatzkasse – Contractors Barmer for wigs supply

The history of the Barmer GEK goes to the year 1914 back. At that time was made the official approval in Barmen, a formerly independent city, now part of Wuppertal. Over the history of public health insurance, there were several mergers. In its present form the Barmer GEK was created in January 2017. At this time the insurance company merged with Deutsche BKK.

Die Barmer hat ihren Hauptsitz in Berlin. In addition, it maintains its administrative offices at both locations Schwabisch Gmund and Wuppertal. Currently, these public health insurance operates more than 400 Offices for counseling and support for insured. However, it is planned, to further reduce the number of representatives. Instead, the Barmer is increasingly focusing on the expansion of counseling via telephone and internet. So, for example, all insured can turn around the clock at the online office of the public health insurance. Well comb is a contractual partner of Barmer for wigs supply

The Barmer is organized as a public corporation. It is subject to self-government. The representatives of these bodies are made up of members of the insurance. They are determined in the social whales from all voting policyholders. This public health insurance managed a large premium volume, the estimated at over 37 Billion euros in 2017 lies.

The services of Barmer as a public health insurance

The Barmer takes over the function of a statutory health and nursing care. Thus, it offers all the standard services, contained in the performance catalog of the health insurance. Whose periphery is regulated in the fifth Social Security Code. It secures for all legally insured, that they contain a sufficient and the current state of scientific knowledge appropriate medical care if necessary. The Barmer assumes just like other public health insurance, the cost of diagnosis and treatment. This includes medicines, other healing- and aids, Care measures as well as the pros- and aftercare. A large item of expenditure of the Barmen make the sickness benefit payments from Fort.

The contribution rate of Barmer is 15,7 percent. This statutory insurance designated its financial performance even as positive. Accordingly, they can do without imposing an additional contribution.

Additional Services Barmer

Like all statutory health insurance is the Barmer in a continuous competition for new members. In addition, they must prevent, that their members migrate to other statutory health insurance. For this reason, it offers numerous employee benefits for prevention and health promotion of their insured and their family members to. In addition, the participation in their activities or the use of additional treatment options to a sustainable improvement in the health leads. In this way, the cost of therapy can be reduced considerably.

Contractors Barmer for wigs supply

These voluntary benefits include, for example outpatient naturopathy, that work well with many different diseases. Also Participation in many proven courses for individual health promotion is part of the performance program of Barmer. So members can take, for example, courses on healthy eating or to avoid obesity. Also deals in the fields of health sports are on the program of this public health insurance. The same applies to the programs for learning of techniques to better manage stress.

The bonus program Barmer Health Insurance – Contractors Barmer for wigs supply

The attractive bonus program is one of the specific nature of such health insurance. All insured in Barmer members have the opportunity, to register for participation in it for free. The bonus offer is based on a practical map, which can be downloaded and printed the participants themselves.

Contractors Barmer for wigs supply

With this they collect when attending various medical preventive measures and courses bonus points. They can then redeem them for numerous premiums. These rewards include not only merchandise awards, such as bags and tableware, even more health benefits. Moreover, even bonuses in the form of cash available.

They want to be a member of the Barmer?

Barmer Dusseldorf Airport City

Visiting address:
Klaus-Bungert-Str. 5
40468 Düsseldorf

Telephone 0800 333004 401-267 *)
Telefax 0800 333004 401-299 *)
email: karen.schmolinske@barmer.de
Internet http://www.barmer.de

Telephone 0800 333004 401-267 *)

*) Calls from the German fixed- and mobiles are free of charge.

Barmer campus for members of the Barmer

Barmer is increasing scale a modern media, to improve the health of their members. Thus, the statutory health insurance published for example in the so-called "Barmer Campus" numerous health tips. The available there program includes informative articles on various interesting health topics, as well as online courses. It is in the categories of movement, nutrition, mental strength as well as addiction and specials divided. So smoking cessation courses here, for example,. An Epilepsie erkrankte Personen können kostenlos an einem Online-Programm zur Selbsthilfe teilnehmen. Vertragspartner der Barmer für Perücken Versorgung Filiale Flughafen DUS

Insured can download apps from the practical Barmer Campus, available to them on the road with lots of good advice aside. They also have the option, to seek advice in person at the Expert Forum. People with health problems you will make anonymous questions online, answer the medical experts immediately expertly. The insured accept this offer of well. As particularly positive proves, that all questions and responses from all users are visible.

They are insured by Barmer and have a prescription for a wig?

Well comb wigs settle with the insurance company

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