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alleviate chemotherapy side effects

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With natural remedies reduce the side effects of chemotherapy

alleviate chemotherapy side effects
alleviate chemotherapy side effects

Many cancers, such as breast cancer or leukemia, respond well to chemotherapeutic treatment. For this reason, doctors prescribe, often referred to as complementary measures to radiation treatment or surgery, Cancer chemotherapy patents. This treatment is based on highly effective drugs, call the experts as cytostatics. You reach into the reproductive cycle of the cancer cells and thus prevent the growth of tumors or their spreading. Chemotherapeutic drugs can even cause the reduction of a malignant ulcer, so that surgical removal is possible. Even if a complete cure is not reachable, can lead to chemotherapy in a significant prolongation of life. In addition, this treatment often improves the quality of life of patients to a considerable extent.

The possible side effects of chemotherapy

In any event, a chemotherapeutic treatment a heavy burden of the whole organism. The reason for this lies in the operation of the anti-cancer drugs. They destroy body cells and can not distinguish between good- and distinguish malignant cells. For this reason, they also attack healthy cells, particularly in the mucous membranes, and hair roots of. In addition, chemotherapy suppresses the immune system, so that they strongly favored the occurrence of infections and inflammation of various kinds. Regularly occurs by administration of cytotoxic drugs also cause vomiting and nausea as well as frequent diarrhea. Strong nerve irritation, among other things, on the feet and hands, are also among the widespread side effects of anticancer drugs.

Doctors clarify their patients carefully about the side effects of chemotherapy treatment and responsibly on. In many cases it is also necessary, weigh the risks and benefits of chemotherapy against each other.

Natural protection from the harmful side effects of chemotherapy

Fortunately, there are various medications and natural, plant-based remedies, making chemotherapy much more bearable. They relieve the side effects and thus make an important contribution to support the patient during this difficult time. These natural remedies are a good example, as proven conventional medical treatments and alternative healing methods complement each other perfectly. In the following described natural substances, the beneficial effects from one patient to show to varying degrees. Therefore sufferers should certainly try, which means getting them particularly well. Unlike conventional drugs, the vast majority of these natural products are completely free of harmful side effects. Even an overdose is hardly possible.

Matcha-Tee: soothes the stomach and the nerves

Green tea plays in the Far Eastern medicine for thousands of years an important role. In particular, Matcha tea, in which it is too finely ground green tea, has a health-promoting effect. It is rich in natural antioxidants. This fight free radicals, resulting amplified at a chemotherapeutic treatment. Even a cup of Matcha tea a day can prevent this way, that patients suffering with chemotherapy nausea and vomiting.

ginger: the powerful root from China

For several years, the consumption of ginger is, usually in the form of tea, this country more popular. In addition to delicious, sharp and spicy flavor is this also the salutary effects, the ginger unfolds. There are several scientific studies, proving, that regular consumption of ginger tea relieves pain. In addition, the ingredients of ginger inhibit the spread of inflammation. Many patients notice, that helps you drinking ginger tea or extract during treatment with cytostatics. It prevents the occurrence of nausea and vomiting. In addition, ginger tea can provide valuable assistance to enable them, restore the appetite again. Experts also suspect, that ginger can inhibit the growth of breast cancer tumors.

Dark berry fruit: Superfood for cancer patients

dark berries, such as blackberries, Cranberries and blueberries, have a high content of the plant pigments anthocyanins and vitamin C. These substances support the immune system. In addition, the vitamin E contained in the berries has a detectable cell-protective effect. in Heidel- and exotic acai berry are large amounts of myrtillin, contain a further plant pigment. This fights free radicals and stimulates the formation of collagen to. He helps the mucous membranes, that are heavily loaded by a chemotherapeutic treatment, in the regeneration. Particularly effective and delicious berries are dark in the form of smoothies. This is by the addition of green leafy vegetables and wild herbs, such as rocket or nettles, even healthier. In addition, regular consumption of dark berries also helps, to reduce the nerve irritation often occurs in cancer treatments.

Iced pineapple pieces: A real treat for the mouth- and throat

Cytostatic drugs can dry out the oral mucosa strongly, so can develop painful cracks. Just as a chemotherapeutic cancer treatment often causes canker sores in the mouth. To alleviate these unpleasant side effects of their treatment, can suck pineapple pieces slowly in the mouth affected patients. However, these should be previously frozen, so that the acid irritates the mucous membranes not additionally. This beneficial effect is due to the contained in the pineapple enzyme bromelain, because it is anti-inflammatory. Patients should the pineapple pieces either swallow or spit out, as soon as they thaw.

Extracts from milk thistle: A natural tonic for the liver

Of course chemotherapy always loaded the liver. Because it is the most important detoxification organ of the human body. The herb milk thistle supports liver metabolism and thus supports the removal of harmful substances of cytostatics. The beneficial effect of milk thistle is based on the contained therein silymarin. Since ancient times is known, that the milk thistle can detoxify the liver. also used in the Middle Ages healers in the treatment of liver disease often extracts from milk thistle. Today, it can be observed, that liver cancer patients, taking milk thistle extracts regularly and over a longer period of time, continuously improve. In addition, the medicinal herb can help, to overcome anorexia as common consequence of chemotherapy. Even Indigestion , as constipation of extracts from this prove valuable and highly valued medicinal plant.

My conclusion

The natural products listed are worth trying in any case, to combat the side effects caused by chemotherapy in a gentle way. Some of the proposed remedies are also very tasty, so patients eating is easy. In no case, however, the natural active ingredients can replace a chemotherapeutic treatment. Rather, they represent a maximum of one valuable addition, can support the cancer patients in their often difficult path to health. Patienten sollten diesbezüglich immer so auch meine Bitte stets Rücksprache mit ihrem Arzt halten.

Diese Informationen sind also zum Thema Chemotherapie Nebenwirkungen lindern von mir zusammengetragen und sind als reine Informationen anzusehen. Darum noch einmal meine Bitte: Ask before taking also Homeopathic means, Früchte und Tee`s immer erst Ihren Arzt. Eine Veröffentlichung meiner Webseite und Inhalte durch dritte wird hiermit Widersprochen.

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