maintain human hair and synthetic hair properly

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Care Tips for wigs made of real hair and synthetic hair

Care of Human Hair Wigs
Wigs made of real hair should always be maintained so, wie empfindliches oder strapaziertes Naturhaar. Please remember, that a wig in extreme wet should not be brushed or combed, because when washing the hair always swells and nodes can solve. It is better, to remove before washing small nodules by gentle combing and comb through.
The use of special Gisela Mayer wig combs and brushes ensures, that the sensitive gear is not damaged. Or, you spread your fingers of the hand as a comb and go from top to bottom through the hair, They avoid any tugging.

Handling wig shampoo
A good professional Gisela Mayer wig shampoo has a self-cleaning effect. Sprinkle some of the shampoo will ca. optionally one liter lukewarm water. In the resulting self-cleaning bathroom enter your real hair wig for ca. ten minutes. Afterwards, rinse it under lukewarm also, but running water thoroughly. It is advisable, to treat the human hair wig after washing with a rinse or cure. Here, too, Gisela Mayer has special care balms for human hair wigs. Care Tips for wigs made of real hair and synthetic hair

After washing and spa treatment styling comes. You can blow in the form of your human hair wig now, they turn on curlers or allow to air dry, and later, If you want, Edit with the curling iron, Was the golden rule in the wash “As often as necessary, as little as possible", could analogous to the golden rule loud for styling: “Less is more”. Just try to avoid styling your human hair wig all, which would strain even your own hair. Too hot washing or blow drying damage hair.

Unfortunately, even the highest quality human hair wig tends after a certain time to, losing its luster. Finally, the hair is not supplied as the natural hair by the sebaceous glands of the scalp regularly with grease. Is your human hair wig become a bit dull, creates a specially suitable for wigs Glanzspray Remedy. Care Tips for wigs made of real hair and synthetic hair

Reinigung und Pflege von Kunsthaarperücken

give Gisela Mayer special shampoo in lukewarm water. contact wig and wash gently in the solution, while pressing gently, Do not rub or wring.
In clear water rinse thoroughly and drain.

Treatment with balm: Give something special balm in lukewarm water. Live Now your second hairstyle for ca. 5 Minutes in this solution. The balm makes the hair fiber supple again and gives it natural shine.
Take your second hairstyle from the care solution without rinse. now turn the hair again and use your fingers easily in the form Place.
Then let the wig dry in the air. Please ensure, that the hairstyle is not extended during drying. At best dry on a wig stand.

Care Tips for wigs made of real hair and synthetic hair Dusseldorf

Please note: Avoid heat and steam (oven, Grill, Sauna, Fön etc.). never brush wigs and hairpieces when wet.

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