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When diagnosing cancer once breaks for those affected the world, so as they knew, completely together. The shock and fear for their own lives cause panic and horror. Cancer patients need not only at the time of diagnosis, but also from, during and after the treatment a sensitive and competent support. Doctors take care of the right therapy, Specialists such as wigs Well comb to check your dealing with the side effects of chemotherapy and members often take on the psychological and moral support of the patient. Here, members are themselves mostly mentally heavily burdened by the disease of the patient and require a sensitive and competent support.

Point of contact for patients and relatives

The cancer counseling Dusseldorf is an important focal point for cancer patients and their families. Carrier the information center is the cancer NRW. The advice is based on the principles of national companies of the German Cancer Society for cancer advice. The staff of the counseling center have made it their goal

• Questions of patients and to clarify
• solve problems together
• jointly develop new perspectives

The cancer counseling Dusseldorf offers a comprehensive counseling program, where you can find an answer for any of your questions and concerns. Of the various medical conditions and standard therapies ranging in social security benefits can be obtained from the cancer counseling detailed information on any topic, that may be relevant in the case of cancer. This is helped by cancer counseling in finding support groups and ambulatory services or by medical and therapeutic facilities. In a consultation, you can discuss with the therapist insecurities and fears and find new ways, how to make your everyday life with family and at work in the future new.

Free consultation

The cancer counseling working-profit organization and offers you and your family with all questions and problems a free consultation at. You can find further information and the opportunity to communicate with the cancer counseling Dusseldorf.

An appointment you can by phone 0211-30201757 arrange. The cancer counseling Dusseldorf has the following opening times:

Monday 09:00 to 13:00 Clock
Tuesday 11:00 to 17:00 Clock
Wednesday 09:00 to 13:00 Clock
Thursday 13:30 to 17:00 Clock

Wigs Well comb - Your contact person with hair loss due to chemotherapy

The psychological burden of cancer patients extends far not only the fears and worries about their own lives and the perseverance of exhausting therapy. Chemotherapy is the most common treatment measures in the fight against cancer and is unfortunately very often associated with side effects. This includes the hair loss. Well wigs comb has set itself the task, to help them tackle and solve this problem, and is a competent and empathetic partner for you, when it comes to the appropriate hair replacement.

We want to improve our quality wigs their quality of life and on the way to new courage and new joy of life as much as possible to support. Therefore, it is important to us to you on our website and auxiliary facilities such as the Cancer Dusseldorf show, that can support you well on your way to fight cancer.

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