Advice on hair loss in Dusseldorf

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Our comprehensive and holistic advice für Kunden Hair loss

Advice on hair loss
Advice on hair loss

We have decades of experience with adults and children, suffering from various forms of hair loss. For example alopecia Areata (circular hair loss) or Hair loss due to chemotherapy toll on individuals strongly.

We know, how these problems can affect quality of life. From hair loss, both the career and private life can suffer. A perfectly fitting wig with a natural look is an important support in this difficult situation. We offer exclusive models for Ladies, Men and children from Real- and synthetic hair.

Our wigs have a very natural look and can hardly be distinguished from natural hair. We can help you select and cut your wig a correct type.

Support for greater well-being

By the hair loss many people feel no joy in life. They attract more and more from social life back and avoid contacts.

We provide assistance and take time for you: In-depth discussions, we advise you and help you with a positive perspective taking. Upon request, we also report anonymously from the experience, have gathered in your situation, people.

To know, that there is the same problem many other, proves to be beneficial. The fact, that modern wigs fit snugly, not many customers. We convince you of the excellent wear properties of our Zweitfrisuren. This way you learn, how much security will give you a wig.

Physical and psychological causes of hair loss

Many of our customers find it liberating, to talk openly with our consultants about their situation. Especially if the hair loss is psychological in, important impetus possible implications. Positive thinking promotes self-healing powers of the body.

It also helps people with severe physical disorders, to master their situation better. Our experts are discreet and are absolutely silent. Make an appointment and take this chance, to enjoy your life again more!

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