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What's psycho-oncology?

Im Wig shop Well comb We advise daily cancer patients, who suffer from hair loss due to chemotherapy treatment. For this reason, we know the great emotional stress exactly, the cancer brings with it. A psycho-oncological therapy can provide valuable support those affected at this very difficult situation in life. Care in cancer treatment by psycho-oncologists

The profession of psycho-oncologists

When psycho-oncologists is a company specializing in the treatment of cancer patients psychotherapists. This profession deals with the psychological and social consequences of cancer and help those affected by psychotherapeutic measures. This profession has existed since the 70s. However, it was at that time mainly to the identification of a typical cancer personality. Including science understood people, which are particularly vulnerable to cancer due to certain characteristic features. This concept has, however, not proven, so you shall not do today.

Thus, the psycho-oncology helps cancer patients

The goal of a psycho-oncological therapy is always to, to strengthen the competence of the patient, deal with his illness. Ideally, sets such a psychological treatment shortly after the diagnosis and accompanies those affected until after his recovery and successful rehabilitation. In many cases the psycho-oncology provides valuable life care. In many cases it proves useful, included with close relatives in the treatment.

Psycho-oncologists rely on a wide variety of therapeutic methods. They shall, for example, on the instruments of a crisis intervention, if the patient suffers from recurrent panic attacks or severe anxiety. Talk therapy proves to be effective, To better cope with the effects of cancer treatment. An art therapy can help, that the person concerned back feels better quality of life. Care in cancer treatment by psycho-oncologists

In some cases, the cancer is most likely to an unhealthy lifestyle is due. For example for the favorable treatment of lung cancer by regular tobacco use or promote cancers of the gastrointestinal tract by a poor diet. In these cases the psycho-oncology often uses behavioral interventions, to bring about a sustainable lifestyle change. This can significantly improve the prognosis of the patient.

Care in cancer treatment by psycho-oncologists Dusseldorf


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