Why does the hair fall out in chemotherapy

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Chemotherapy and the subject of hair loss

After the diagnosis of cancer chemotherapy for most patients is an inescapable treatment therapy. Cancer cells are an aggressive cell shape, which differs in particular by their rapid growth and their frequent cell division of the healthy body cells. With the help of chemotherapy, the cancer cells will be inhibited from their growth and rapid cell division. These are so-called cytostatics in chemotherapy (Zell stopper) used. Cytostatics act selectively and act like a poison in rapidly growing cells. The slow-growing body cells are not drawn from the chemotherapy affected. But unfortunately there are also healthy tissues, which have a high cell division. These include the blood-forming cells of the bone marrow, the cells of the mouth, stomach- and intestinal mucosa as well as the cells of the hair roots. The cytostatic thus act at a chemotherapy not only to the cancer cells from, but also affect the fast-growing healthy cells. Therefore, any chemotherapy may lead to the dreaded and unpleasant side effects.

Is a hair loss expected?

The loss of hair is one of the most common side effects associated with chemotherapy. Whether and to what extent there will be side effects, but may behave differently in each patient. You can find more general information about side effects and hair loss in chemotherapy at https://www.krebsinformationsdienst.de/leben/haare-haut-zaehne/haarausfall.php

In your personal case, your treating physician can estimate in advance of the planned chemotherapy, whether and with what side effects you can expect, because the effects of chemotherapy always depend on several factors. Are substantially the:

• the used cytostatics
• the individual dosage
• individual assessment of the patient

Let therefore extensively consult your physician and ask for it, is expected whether at you with a hair loss.

Timely action at the forthcoming possible hair loss

If your doctor predicts a possible hair loss even before the start of chemotherapy, let yourself as soon as possible issue a prescription for a hair replacement. The hair loss is not only to your usual appearance, but also impact on the psyche. Therefore, the health insurance companies provide in most cases benefits for adequate hair replacement.

The hair is a sign of vitality and joy of life. The loss of hair can thus much stronger affect your self esteem and your quality of life, than you can currently imagine. A good, high quality hair replacement (usually in the form of a wig) the psychological stress can mitigate by the hair loss or even prevent, and help you achieve new vitality and zest for life.

With an anticipated hair loss, it makes sense, if the doctor issues a prescription at an early stage, because with a prescription, you are entitled to benefits your health insurance, if you purchase your wig in a wig specialist studio, which is entitled to abzurechen directly with the health insurance.

Wig specialist studio Well comb - your contact for hair loss in chemotherapy. We explain “Why fall in chemotherapy hair out”

Well wigs comb is an experienced and competent partner, if you need a high quality and perfect wig for hair loss after chemotherapy. They give advice and share with you the perfect solution for you. Well wigs comb is a contractual partner of the health insurance. Therefore, we expect the submission of a regulation directly to the health insurance company.
Take as soon as possible to contact us, when hair loss is expected with chemotherapy. We are happy to visit you at home or in the hospital and discuss early work with you to all your questions on the subject of hair replacement.

Why fall in chemotherapy hair out we can explain

Wigs by prescription in Dusseldorf

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