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wig care Wellkamm Bilk
Dear patients,
currently come more often patients in my business and talk about their experiences.

That your wig long retains the glamor and her hairstyle, you should at Echthaar-, synthetic- or even Futura hair wig always follow the care instructions.
A good wig studio will be happy and long reconnaissance and if necessary, again a second date with you agree until you are sure what you want.
Do not buy a thing a seller would love to have because that is the wrong way and distinguishes clearly not a professional studio for wigs.

At its core, I notice that a wig specialist studio what the approach and service options does not affect
should be too far away from where you live.

Wig specialist studio wig care
Wig specialist studio and wig care

In particular, small elaborate as wig care, recut or pony repeated wig seat
adapt or even guarantees you can streamline your Terminpla on too much Directions
be bad not realized at the studio to.

So ask before you have to take a long way in the area for wig specialist Studios, pleas e ask your question
z.b. in the chemo clinic staff to flyers from studios nearby or where patients yourself well
feel lifted and how the service there.



All the best to you

Well comb Wigs Service Düsseldorf
Jörg Wegner-Köhler

Welllkamm your wig shop nearby


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