Natural Vitamin C can help fight against cancer

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That natural vitamin C is contained in lemons and helps with colds, maybe you know just. Finally, we have learned from our mothers. But today, the mothers can still learn something, because vitamin C is an all-rounder. In the correct dosage and application much suffering may be spared. It helps in weight loss and cancer, it improves vascular function, the heart and mind, it protects against cataracts. But if you're thinking "Super, I eat but just a few lemons more or take a couple of effervescent tablets in addition ", let him be warned. It is not sufficient. Therefore, it is worthwhile, to illuminate the subject more fully. we use without damage, the benefits of vitamin C. Knowledge makes wise!

Natural vitamin C can contribute to the healing supportive
Natural vitamin C can contribute to the healing supportive

Advance should be said, Vitamin C is not equal to vitamin C. One should always distinguish between synthetic and natural vitamin C.

Natural vitamin C in the human body

1. Vitamin C optimizes the absorption of calcium and iron. Our body stores iron stores in the spleen and in the intestinal walls. Vitamin C ensures, that this iron is now brought back into the bloodstream, where the transport of oxygen. It can be used to strengthen the immune system. Also for our bones and muscles, but also for blood clotting, heart rhythm and other metabolic processes such important calcium is absorbed better thanks to vitamin C. If these minerals or. consumed isolated trace elements, remains limited their function in the human body.

2. Vitamin C regulates the release of hormones. Hormones control in our bodies virtually all operations. our metabolism, which actually consists of many different materials Jump, work due to the release of thyroid hormones, Stresshormonen, Growth hormones and sex hormones. By vitamin C are those operations optimized or. regulated.

3. Vitamin C detoxifies our body. Since it activates liver enzymes, responsible known for the removal of toxins, to toxins such as formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, Cyanide, Nitrosamine and nicotine are eliminated. but this is not a free ticket for smokers.

4. Vitamin C helps fight free radicals in the blood and is thus an important antioxidant. In conjunction with breathing harmful substances produced in the blood, brain, Body cells and directly in the cell nucleus. Vitamin C catches it, rendering them harmless and can thus ensure a longer life.

5. Vitamin C protects the blood vessels, because it keeps the blood thin liquid and regulates blood flow. Thus it is proven preventive treatment of high blood pressure, Angina pectoris, Heart attack, Stroke and heart attacks. In addition, it keeps the artery interior walls smooth and prevents the deposition of cholesterol or other substances.

6. Vitamin C improves the connective tissue. The allrounder welded protein and other substances to collagen fibers and strengthens the connective tissue in this manner. Collagen provides the elasticity of the skin, tapes, Tendons and blood vessels but also for the strength and stability of teeth and bones. Since scar tissue also consists of collagen, Vitamin C is also for the healing of fundamental importance.

6. Vitamin C and E reduce the harmfulness of the birth control pill. This is an Iranian study. Accordingly, the pill has not be underestimated side effects, that increase the risk for numerous diseases, namely by increased oxidative stress. The antioxidant vitamins C and E working counteract.

7. Vitamin C helps in weight reduction. This one has already been established in the 50's and 60's of the last century. But this fact has been questioned for a long time. Now, however, researchers found, that people with low concentration of vitamin C in the blood by 25 % less fat burned as people, whose blood had a high Vitamin C levels. Carnitine our body needs for the oxidation of fatty acids and vitamin C is involved in the synthesis of carnitine.

8. Vitamin C, the all-rounder also stimulates the burning of fat in the muscles of, increases responsiveness, the concentration, increases the relaxation and ensures positive mood.

What causes vitamin C deficiency?

A vitamin C deficiency can have many effects. He finally makes itself felt throughout the body. joint- and body aches may occur. Weakness and fatigue followed by performance degradation can not be long in coming. The result is often depression. Chronic lung injury may occur by the spillover of free radicals, What disturbs the oxygen exchange. The teeth may loosen, the general susceptibility to infection increases. Slow healing, Bleeding of gums, Skin and mucous membranes may occur, the skin can be rough, dry, are scaly and brown. The body gets, broadly speaking, out of balance and is popular destination for all kinds of diseases.

Natural occurrence of vitamin C

The human body can not produce vitamin C. Therefore, it must be supplied through diet. The best sources of vitamin C are fresh fruits and vegetables. The crude consumption of fruits and vegetables is always best. Since both in storage, lost in vitamin C and during the heating of foods considerable amounts. Included is the wonder vitamin in the following fruit varieties most:

  • Acerolabeeren
  • Hagebutten
  • Goji Beeren (also Wolfberry, Wolfberry or happiness Berry, whose home in China and Mongolia is; it is there for many thousands of years an integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine)
  • Buckthorn berries
  • black currants
  • oranges, Lemons, Grapefruit
  • Kiwi
  • Mango
  • Papaya
  • Pineapple

vegetables, contain plenty of vitamin C:

  • parsley
  • cress
  • Alfalfa sprouts
  • Green-, Rosen-, cauliflower
  • Broccoli
  • Paprika, yellow
  • raw sauerkraut
  • green beans and peas
  • potatoes

The more mature a plant, the greater is also their vitamin C content. It is bound to the bioflavonoids, hesperidin and rutin, whose function u. a. a natural acid buffer, thus making the vitamin C well tolerated despite the high acidity of the body. They also increase the vitamin C intake in the body several times.

The acerola number 1 of vitamin C donors

It makes recently talked about and really should be on everyone's lips: Acerola die. The origin of the stone fruit in the tropics of South America, probably on the Mexican peninsula Jukatan. The frugal acerola tree thrives in moist ravines, on riverbanks and roadsides, as well as in areas with dry limestone or rocky mountainsides.

Oranges have a vitamin C content of 45 mg/100 g, strawberries 55 mg / 100 g and kiwis 92,7 mg/100 g. The acerola no mess:, they stock response, namely equal to four digits. Inconceivably, because it scores with 1.700 mg on 100 g fruit. So that it is ranked 1, because no food contains as much of the valuable vitamin. In addition, the acerola still provides the provitamin A, Vitamin B1 and vitamin B2 (the two B vitamins play an important role in energy metabolism).

Visually see the acerola indeed like a cherry, but that's about the only common. During the rainy season the acerola tree bears pink or white flowers, the fruit itself grows rapidly, because of their growth, they only needed 25 days, then it is ripe. The harvest is up to four times a year. The flesh is very juicy, there more than 80 % consists of liquid. It is arranged in three segments, each is a key to find. The skin is shiny acerola, very thin, smooth and delicate. Therefore, you can buy them fresh at most in the growing areas, the fresh fruits are not fit for transport. Already spoil three to five days after harvest, why the acerola is only available in the form of juice or dried fruit with us. Taste the vitamin C bomb is rather sourly.

Natural vitamin C as a dietary supplement

Vitamin C as a dietary supplement comes in many forms. The most famous is certainly the ascorbic acid. But it is not recommended, because the vitamin C is best absorbed by the human body in combination with other substances. This is not the case with the intake of ascorbic acid. Isolated consumed it is counterproductive. This acid also acts very aggressively on the mucous membranes in the digestive system. The body can then try only, abzufpuffern the acid and represents to own minerals available, which can lead to a dangerous demineralization long term. but who still wants to use ascorbic acid as the riddle, should be careful, that it is a calcium- or sodium ascorbate or take it the same as a capsule, which dissolves in the small intestine. Our body can not store vitamin C, A Too much is flushed out in the urine.

Many people may not fruit, more vegetables. For them and all those, which may have a deficiency of vitamin C supplementation of vitamin C in natural form be useful. One way are vitamin dollars from the acerola cherry or drinking sea buckthorn juice. Both contain plenty of vitamin C. Par is also sauerkraut juice. Which also contains acetylcholine, which has an important function in the central nervous system. There are also vitamin C capsules of natural origin. They are also a good alternative to correct a vitamin C deficiency. The best way for a balanced nutrient to ensure. However, a balanced and varied diet, includes all aspects. Sidedness can cause many deficiencies and diseases.

Synthetic vitamin C

As mentioned in the introduction, can an overdose of artificial vitamin C also be harmful. Much does not always help much.

Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin. The excess is excreted normally in the urine. True overdoses are therefore rarely. In autumn and winter advertising but often recommends taking high doses of vitamin C, to Erkältungs- prevent and flu. However, the excretory system may be overwhelmed with synthetic vitamin C, The consequences are nausea, Abdominal cramps and diarrhea. If that's not enough, perhaps shocking the message, that especially in patients, who are struggling with kidney problems or prone to gout, Kidney stones are almost bound by an oversupply of vitamin C.

However, anyone who takes vitamin C through fruits and vegetables in their natural form to himself or makes do with dietary supplements of natural origin, is usually on the safe side.

The bioavailability of vitamin C

For those, who do not know what the word "bioavailability" means, is explained here, the term short. In the digestive process, which starts in the mouth, the nutrients contained in a food or beverage to be solved out and enter the bloodstream, their respective target tissues are fed. However, the nutrients are different and can not be used in a uniform measure, this is called bioavailability. The knowledge about the bioavailability is useful when creating menu plans or for formulating adequate intake recommendations.

Changes in the bioavailability of nutrients resulting in the following areas:

  • in the release of a nutrient from the chemical-physical food matrix (during the meal)
  • Effect of various digestive enzymes in the gastrointestinal tract
  • Absorption (intestinal mucosa)
  • Transport through the intestinal wall, in the bloodstream or the lymphatic system
  • systematic distribution
  • Storage of nutrients in the body
  • metabolic (concerning the metabolism) or functional use
  • Excretion in the feces or the urine

Synthetic vitamin C draws the short straw in bioavailability

In a nutshell, the proportion mean bioavailability of a nutrient, the absorbed from the diet (recorded) and the body is supplied for its normal functioning. It is carried in- or. external factors influenced. External factors are the matrix of a food (the physical nature, as well as the chemical structure of a particular nutrient). but are crucial internal factors, such as gender, Alter, Nutritional status and stage of life of a human being (he knows from. B. pregnancy, illness). These aspects decide about, whether and to what degree real recycled or stored a nutrient or. is excreted. Therefore, the definitions of bioavailability strictly limited to the amount of a nutrient, is absorbed.

carbohydrates, Proteins and fats - the macronutrients - typically have a bioavailability of more than 90 % of the amount taken. In micronutrients, d. h. with vitamins and minerals, the figures are much lower and the shares can fluctuate significantly.

help vitamins and minerals, to increase the value of other substances. This process is referred to as "fortification". The symbiosis naturally formed help, to increase the bioavailability of certain substances. In the case of vitamin C z. B. Requirements, which is mounted in the intestine walls, solved out there and delivered to the bloodstream. This improves the oxygen supply in the body. Those who suffer from iron deficiency, also needs more vitamin C. Since vitamin C is needed for many metabolic processes, the interaction is varied.

Dosage of vitamin C

An effervescent tablet or capsule Depot 1.000 mg natural vitamin C in the human body only ca. 20 % absorbed. D. h. the organism takes 200 mg on, 800 mg are excreted in the urine. Therefore, the bioavailability of conventional vitamin C supplements is severely limited. However, various diseases require doses of up to 50.000 mg (50 g) Every day, some even up to 200.000 mg (200 g) per day. These are not dosages, suitable for daily normal food intake, we are talking about mega doses to treat diseases. To get a better bioavailability, such amounts may only intravenously or liposomal vitamin C (Lipo C). D. h. a sort of encapsulated high doses of vitamin C, be administered which is well absorbed by the body. The bioavailability is increased by five- to 15 times. Side effects are shown not by the gift.

Smoking and highly stressed people need higher doses of vitamin C. For comparison: a Non smoking should 1.000 – 3.000 perform mg of vitamin C daily, a smoker or a stressed person, however needs about. 2.000 – 4.000 mg daily. Colds and other infectious diseases require the administration of 3.000 – 15.000 mg per day, Heart disease and atherosclerosis 10.000 – 50.000 mg per day and cancer 50.000 – 200.000 mg daily. For the perfect bioavailability is best suited liposomal vitamin C. First, the vitamin C value is higher, than that of the intravenous supplied Vitamins. Secondly, it saves time, because it can be taken easily and quickly as a capsule and is considerably cheaper. Since the liposome being split in the cells and the ascorbic acid exerts its effect locally, there are no bowel symptoms. The bioavailability of liposomal vitamin C is usually at least 80 %.

Silver bullet vitamin C to fight cancer

It has long been known, can protect the natural vitamin C against cancer, but that, as was previously largely unexplored. Previously could only be detected, that body cells in conjunction stay healthier and more powerful with vitamin C. New Zealand researchers now made a breakthrough to the knowledge, why natural vitamin C can inhibit the growth of tumor cells. Tumor tissue takes significantly less vitamin C in comparison to healthy tissue. It is striking, that degenerated tissue with a low Vitamin C content, a larger amount of HIF-1 (Hypoxia-inducible factors; Hypoxia = lack of oxygen) having, which is a protein, which regulates the oxygen supply to the cell. This protein helps to survive each suffering from lack of oxygen while cell, independently of, whether it is healthy or degenerated tissue.

HIF-1 helps cells while, convert sugar into energy without oxygen. It also promotes the growth of new blood vessels around the tumor arising, to optimize the supply of cells (it does not know, that it is malignant cells). Here Vitamin C comes in addition to other antioxidants, because it can intercept free radicals and eliminate, before they activate the HIF-1 protein. The cancer cells get into a supply shortage and can not continue to grow. The amount of the protein HIF-1 disappears with increasing vitamin C concentration. According to the research of vitamin C could prevent even the formation of solid tumors.

Studies of natural vitamin C

Other studies, that breast cancer cells are able to spread freely without the addition of micronutrients. With the addition of natural vitamin C, the spread of abnormal cells decreased by 36 %, a supplement with proline (an amino acid) inhibited the spread to 47 %. one as yet lysine (also an amino acid) this was, the spread fell by 67 %, also 2/3.

In the fight against breast cancer is natural vitamin C with green tea extracts, as well as the amino acids lysine, Proline and arginine supplements. This combination was capable already in medium and high concentration, to almost completely block the production kollagenverdauender enzymes and the spread of breast cancer cells.

Today, science provides us with more and more evidence, the positive effects of the natural vitamin C in our bodies. Recent research has suggested, that natural vitamin C can stop the growth of cancer cells. (Link to the study:

The results of the studies can be optimistic about the future, when it comes to the fight against cancer.

What you need to know

A study on the treatment of tumor cells with vitamin C warns against consumption of vitamin associated with fat, since fat is to perform in conjunction with vitamin C to the formation of carcinogenic substances. However, the corresponding study says nothing about the type of fat from (with. B. whether it is industrially processed fats). Therefore, one should be sure call for careful, not to consume vitamin C-containing foods or synthetic vitamin C with cream or oily mayonnaise.


At least now should all diet muffle, the most like to eat the, after which they just feel, sit up and rethink their eating. Our body works like a finely tuned clockwork. But it does require a lot of important substances, we can carry out using healthy eating. Natural Vitamin C is one of the most important nutrients in general, and works in conjunction with other substances. We included our body Natural vitamin C before, he will react sooner or later with deficiencies and disease. The industry is not interested in the health of consumers, but on full cash. Therefore finished processed and easy-to-prepare foods offered, can cause the serious health damage. Who puts emphasis on healthy diet, draws on unprocessed products.

Permanent and uncontrolled high doses of synthetic vitamin C harm the organism but rather, as they are useful to him. Smoking and stressed or ill people have a higher demand for natural vitamin C.

With all this knowledge, it is possible, various diseases, prevent even the next flu. Because consciousness attracts attention. Wise parents pass on their knowledge to their children and the chance at a healthy life.

Natural vitamin C is basic and supports detoxify the body. If the body is well detoxified and supplied with a basic nutritional diseases have no chance as cancer. It is advisable to take natural vitamin C to aid in recovery after or during chemotherapy.

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