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We bring back joy into your daily life.

Our knowledge as a longtime provider of Wigs and medical hair replacement gives you the confidence that I know exactly, how are our patients in this situation, what you feel and what you need.
First, the diagnosis, the thought of how it goes and if that is not enough, as one may safely say as a patient rightly, then comes also the loss of one's hair.

This emotional depth can quite beautiful slow healing or even prevent.

Natural look with wig
Natural look with wig


That is why we must surely say at this point once the private and public health insurance praise, because that is what they have known and acted.

We are tested and therefore approved supplier of all health insurance, that means, We deliver your hair replacement or hair replacement starting at 100 % Cost estimate name by your health insurance.

The settlement with the statutory health insurance will 100 % be paid for by us.
So you need to take care about anything.
We take time for you. Sometimes enough for for detailed advice already 30 minutes, sometimes several hours it needs repairs.
A cost-free advice in business or in hospital. This is always individual so different and we take very much time you need.

Please get your appointment at
Tel.: 0211 487278

They need us urgently and on weekends?
Then call us at our emergency number: Tel. 0176 10090640 *

* Connection price for mobile depends on your telephone service provider

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