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To clean synthetic hair wigs properly Dusseldorf

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clean Wigs

The care line SYNTHETIC HAIR CARE Dening of Hamburg was specially developed for the specific needs of synthetic hair.
With regular treatment with these the second hairstyle retains its shape long, its silky shine and a perfect grip.

The guarantee highly effective, yet mild, fiber-preserving ingredients, which are optimally matched.
Vitamins protect against harmful environmental influences, so that the elasticity and resilience stay long received.


on your decision, to buy a product BELLE MADAME in wigs Well comb in Dusseldorf.

You have made a good choice.

clean wigs

BELLE MADAME Zweitfrisuren are CE certified and manufactured using the best materials and the latest techniques.
To get the most out of your new hairstyle, please refer to the enclosed care instructions and use our highly
valent BELLE MADAME care line.

The manufacturer declares on own responsibility that this Article with the essential requirements of the Medical Device Directive in the shown later instructions.

Wigs clean manual download here


Remove before touchdown, if available, the hairnet.
For a proper fit, place the hairline above the eyebrows.
The label is attached in height of the neck behind the head.
The Tampeln on both sides are to be placed directly in front of the ears.
If you are unsure, will your BELLE MADAME hair replacement specialist Joerg Wegner-Koehler happy to help.


The regular treatment with synthetic hair care products Your second hairstyle retains its shape, its silky shine and natural hold.


1 Tablespoon BELLE MADAME SHAMPOO in ca. 1 give liters of lukewarm water.
gently wash, Never rub or wring!
Rinse thoroughly with clean water.
Wig Never brush when wet.



1 Tablespoon BELLE MADAME BALSAM in 1 give liters of lukewarm water.
Zweitfrisur as. 5 let minutes in this solution.
Do not rinse! easily expressed in towel.
The surface of the hair is antistatic and gets a healthy-looking shine.


Allow to dry heat in air without extra. The WIG STAND simplifies and speeds up the drying.
by brush and style wig until completely dry.


Shiny statements for each Styling.
Through daily use of BELLE MADAME HAIR SHINE + UV PROTECTION remains you your second hair longer and looks fresh.
hydrates, without burdening the hair.
Sparingly spray on dry hair.
BELLE MADAME HAIRSPRAY is the hairstyle perfect fit and natural shine.


Avoid heat.
Careful when opening of a baking oven and steam from boiling water.
Do not use hair dryer still curling iron.

clean Wigs

Dening Hair Zweithaar

  1. pretty lady
  2. 1 give liters of lukewarm water
  3. 1 liter of lukewarm water
  4. give liters of lukewarm water
  5. form their silky gloss
  6. synthetic hair wigs

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